Angular vs AngularJS: Brief Overview Between Both

In today’s world, technology keeps on changing itself with the passage of time. The developers keep on updating the software to keep it bug-free and for excelling its performance. For many web developers, Angular is the most valuable UI plan that has progressed a lot in the last few years. Angular got developed in 2009 and it got revived in two or three years in 2012 with the entry of its Version 1.0. It has been ruling the universe of open source JavaScript structure for many years.

With time, Google has updated AngularJS to version 1.0, Angular version 2.0 to the latest version Angular 4.0. Through the span of time, the language got repurposed and the end-letters “JS” got rebranded which remains for JavaScript but dropped with time as TypeScript assumed the control. So many changes made in the lifecycle of Angular within a span of just five years!. You can imagine two-way information binding in AngularJS or Angular 1. The changes made in the information is recognizable in the UI through JavaScript. You are able to create reusable codes using Angular JS that were not possible before. Let us have a look at Angular vs AngularJS differences.

1) Language

Angular vs AngularJS differences

AngularJS is written in JavaScript. On the other hand, Angular uses Microsoft’s TypeScript language which is a superset of ECMAScript 6 (ES6). The language has the combined advantages of the TypeScript features, like type declarations, and the benefits of ES6, like iterators and lambdas.

2) Speed

AngularJS reduced the development effort and time by providing features like 2-way binding. But, the page load was taking considerable time by creating more processing on the client side. A better structure for easily creating and maintaining big applications and a better change detection mechanism is provided by Angular2. The fastest version yet is no doubt Angular 4.

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Some Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of AngularJS Are As Follows:


  •    It is unit testing ready and the app development gets fast with its great MVC data binding.
  •    It is very intuitive as it uses HTML as a declarative language.
  •    The apps developed with this language can run on every significant program including iOS and Android-based phones and tablets.


  •    If a user disables JavaScript, nothing but the basic page is only visible.

Let Us See The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Angular 2

Angular vs AngularJS differences


  •    This language has improved dependency injection and modularity.
  •    It is a mobile-oriented language.


  •    Compared to AngularJS, it is more complicated to set up.
  •    It is not efficient if you need to create simple, small web apps.

So, here were the differences between Angular vs AngularJS. Hope you have got the idea about both!