With the advent of smartphones, digital marketing had changed a lot. These days almost all business prefers to go with mobile marketing over any other technique. This is due to the effectiveness and satisfactory results of mobile marketing.

Within a short span of time mobile marketing has proven its worth. Moreover, the amalgamation of mobile with push notifications such as Android push notifications and iOS push notifications has defined new terms of marketing.

The ability to reach instantly to the audience present in almost any corner of the world has made marketing effortless. Gone are those days when you have to rely on traditional marketing to promote products and services. This era is an era of mobile marketing. To help you with more on this let us discuss Why is mobile marketing an effective way to promote products and services?

  • Easy access: The first thing to consider in the promotion of products and services is to reach a maximum audience. When it comes to mobile marketing, then according to “Statista” currently there are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. It means about 45.04% of the total world population is using smartphones.

It means you can reach your audience easily and quickly throughout the world. It will just take a few seconds for this. This is the reason why mobile marketing is proven to be an effective way to promote your products and services rapidly.

Android push notifications
  • Cost-effective: When it comes to the promotion of products and services, traditional marketing techniques are very costly. They require huge money both for printing and distributing pamphlets, banners, newspaper advertisements, and etc. It also demands manpower that adds an additional load on your pocket.

Mobile marketing is very cost-effective as you can use iOS and Android push notifications to reach your audience. You can also take the help of SMS to reach your audience. This will help you to save a lot of money thus provide you effective results within your normal budget.

  • Instant results: When it comes to other marketing techniques, they demand time to bring results. With mobile marketing, it is different. Mobile has become a need for almost all. It means people used to carry a mobile with them, all the time.

As a result when you reach them for the promotion of your products and services. You create an opportunity for immediate action from the user’s side. As an end result the chances are higher that your promotion will end up in an immediate sale.

  • Social media benefits: These days the majority of the population uses their mobile to access social media. It means mobile marketing can help you with microblogging benefits. As, most of the population uses social media, so even with few people sharing your ads or retweeting your ads make it go viral.

As a result, you will get free advocacy without spending any time, money, and effort. Where else you will get such an opportunity to promote your products and services on a mass level?

  • Mobile Push Notifications: These days mobile push notifications in the form of iOS and Android push notifications are setting new benchmarks. They can be easily integrated with mobile. These can be personalized and segmented easily. It provides you an opportunity to reach the right audience. It means they will not only promote your products and services but will also help you out with instant sales.

Moreover, they can be easily timed. It means you can reach the audience during their free time to increase the chances of a sale. One of the greatest things with push notifications is, they can be made rich by using images, graphics, videos, gifs, emojis, and so on. These rich push notifications not only promote your products and services but also help in mass conversions.

  • Easy tracking ability: A marketing campaign is all about Return on Investment (ROI). When it comes to other marketing techniques, it becomes difficult to analyze whether your promotion bears some fruits or not. Mobile marketing provides you with an opportunity to work on your errors.
Android push notifications

With mobile marketing, it is easy to trace your campaign. You can easily judge the effectiveness of your campaign by the data that is collected from the clickable links of the audience. Analyzing click-through-rates (CTR) you will be able to promote your products and services with enhanced chances of responses from the audience.

Conclusion: Mobile marketing is one of the effective techniques for promotions of products and services. It provides you with an easy and efficient way to reach the maximum audience with minimum efforts and time. Now how effective it is, has been told to you in this resolute dossier.

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