A Guide On How To Create Your Own Stickers In Whatsapp

how to create stickers for WhatsApp
Whatsapp, the worldwide chat messaging application is the favorite amongst all the chat applications due to its simple and user-friendly design. People just love to chat with their loved ones, friends, colleagues and family members on this platform. This Facebook-owned platform releases new updates with stronger development resolving all the bugs and making it more secure.

how to create stickers for WhatsApp

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All the WhatsApp lovers should get ready to hear some great exciting news that arrives with the new update. Whatsapp enables the feature of stickers in its latest update and so now the users will be able to send the funky stickers while chatting just like the other instant messaging applications. In the latest update of 2.18, the sticker feature has been added to the emoji section of the application.

Now, the users will be able to express their emotions through the medium of stickers while chatting. Different varieties of stickers are available in the section and it doesn’t end at all. In the beginning, only one sticker app comes pre-installed but you can download more from the in-built store and also there is the facility to download more from the Google Play Store as well.

how to create stickers for WhatsApp

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Though there are some third-party applications available on the Play store which can provide you the stickers but those stickers are limited and lack a good quality. If Whatsapp is providing you the opportunity to create your own stickers, then why to rely on the third-party applications. Today, we will show you how to create stickers for WhatsApp so you can get the proper idea.

First of all, click some good images with the expressions that you want to put in the stickers. Open your camera and start clicking some good images with the desired sticker expressions and then convert them into PNG file format with no background.

how to create stickers for WhatsApp

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For erasing the background, search for such kind of application on the Play Store and erase the background and convert it into PNG file format as WhatsApp only supports PNG file format. Take three such images for making three stickers as WhatsApp only supports sticker pack with more than two images.

After completing the above steps, download an app called “Personal sticker for WhatsApp”. Open the app and you will see that all the stickers have been automatically detected by the app. Add the stickers that you want. Now, open WhatsApp and select those added stickers and send them to your friends. Hope you now have learned properly how to create stickers for WhatsApp and can do it for yourself too!