A Beginner’s Guide On How To Make A Website

how to make a website

Creating a website is like creating a masterpiece. You know that the end result is going to be great but what about the time when it looks ugly while still being a work in progress. Well, that is a technique for building a website. All it requires is some effective handling and patience to wait for better results. For all the non-developers fearing how to create a website, do not worry about it as you won’t need any coding knowledge to create a website. The guide on how to make a website below will instruct everyone, whether you are a fresher or just want to renew the steps to create.

Here are the detailed steps listed on creating a website.

Get your domain

how to make a website


To begin with creation, first, you will need to buy yourself a domain name. A domain name is a name you want to give to your website. For example, fashionterest.com is a domain. It is just the basics of getting yourself registered for the time when the site goes online. It is the same as registering for a company name.

Sign Up For A Web-Host

how to make a website


A web host is a platform where it has many computers connected to the internet. When you run the web pages on these computers it enables the connection and everyone is able to view the website. For example, if you are using an SSL web host then your site name will start from https://”. After having obtained a host you will need to point your domain name.

There are plenty of web hosts available in the market and this makes it confusing which one to choose. All web hosts are not the same. Some charge too much for the service and some offer below-average services. We suggest you check out the best web hosting providers on AlexWebHosting.Com. This will help you to pick the right web hosting at an affordable price.


how to make a website


Now comes the task when you define how your website will be displayed online. There are many platforms on which you can create your site for free. One might wonder how to make a website for free? Aren’t there any charges to incur, but the platforms that provide service for free ask you to bring your own domain and web hostname.

Website Testing

how to make a website


Lastly, after having created a good layout from the best available themes, your site is good to go over the internet. But the task is not over you need to test the running of your website, whether the layout is good and the information is apt. This can be done through direct testing of the site by Firefox, Chrome, or any other explorer.