6 Effective Language Learning Apps For Android Users

language learning apps

Android apps have facilitated the users to learn anything they want just by downloading and installing the app on their smartphone. Similarly, there are some great apps available on the play store that help users to learn any kind of language they want. Today, we will see the list of 6 effective language learning apps that make the learning process very easy and interesting for the users.


language learning apps

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Memrise is one of the best language learning app available today on the play store. There are a variety of courses available on this app for users to learn many languages. Whether you want to learn Spanish, German, English, French, Mandarin, or any other language, it is possible with this wonderful app. You can practice the words regularly through the fun vocabulary practice tests. Develop your grip and command over the language very strongly. The app relates the words with funny and bizarre associations and so it is very easy to learn the language very fast. The memes help us to store the vocabulary in our minds for a long time.


language learning apps

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Duolingo is one of the most popular language apps today and many people are using it to learn a new language. This app provides the facility to learn various kinds of languages. That too in a very easy and simple manner. The pictorial form of the learning method provides a great way to learn the words easily. To remember them for a long time.

The app keeps track of the tasks completed by the users daily and reminds them if they have not completed the daily task. The language courses are created by the native speakers which helps in empowering a community of language passionate people. That come together and gave rise to some ancient languages as well.


language learning apps

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This app named HelloTalk aims at facilitating users to have spoken practice to have a strong command over the language and can converse with anyone in that language. The learners can converse with the native speakers through a chat-based system just like WhatsApp through text and voice messages. The messages can be corrected with the help of an inbuilt correction tool. In this way, the chat becomes a small tutoring session. There is an integrated translation system also available.


language learning apps

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Mindsnacks is one of the best language apps that has taken gamification to a whole different level. This app teaches you seven languages that come with tiny games. The design is to help you learn the language very easily. The progress of the user is monitored and so the user is able to know where he/she has reached. Also how much progress has to be made in order to be proficient.


language learning apps

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Busuu provides you with courses in 12 different languages. The basic version of the app is free but to unlock many other features, the user has to invest 17$ per month to get full access to the course material. Beginning from simple words to dialogues. The users are able to grasp the language quickly through the audio files and speaking practice facility. The course also comes with a separate small travel course for those people who want to get the basics before an abroad trip.


language learning apps

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Babbel is also a language learning app that comes with both the free and the paid version. The free version comes with nearly 40 classes. Each class starts with the stepwise teaching of the vocabulary with the help of the pictures. The app is dynamic in nature means it adjust with the learning ability of the student. Accordingly, the words are being used in short dialogues and phrases to help them build conversation skills very quickly.

Thus, these were the 6 effective language learning apps based on the Android platform. Download any of those apps and start learning any language you want!