5 Key Differences Between Java and Python

differences between Java and Python

Java and Python are widely used programming languages all over the world. The software development is done in a very robust and concrete way with these languages. But, there are some key differences between Java and Python which are mentioned here. Let us have a look at them.

1.Type of Language

Python and Java are both high-level programming languages. Python is basically an interpreted programming language. If you want to execute the Python code directly, you have to use the operating system specific Python interpreter. On the other side, Java is a compiled programming language. The code written in Java is compiled into the bytecode that runs on any platform having the Java Virtual Machine. The code can be transferred from one platform to another very easily.

2.Programming Paradigm Support

A number of programming paradigms are supported by both the programming languages. Python supports functional, procedural programming paradigm, imperative and object-oriented concept. Java was developed initially as an object-oriented and class-based programming language but it has evolved with time.

3.Code Readability

Python puts a strong emphasis on code readability. It enables to keep the code clean, concise and readable. Developers prefer Python over other programming languages for avoiding writing additional code and to keep the applications maintainable. Java comes with a new set of features with each of its new version for simplifying the software development process. In the case of Java, the developers have to put extra effort and time for maintaining the code and keeping it organized.

4.Standard Library

Python has a large comprehensive standard library. The libraries make it easy for programmers to write a variety of different software applications. There are over 130000 different Python packages that include a database, graphical user interface, web frameworks, multimedia, image processing, scientific computing and much more. Java also allows developers to select from a wide range of different libraries. The developers are also able to choose from the core, user interface, and integration libraries. But still, Python scores more than Java in the standard library category.

5.Speed and Performance

Both Python and Java lack the speed required for facilitating high-performance computing. But, the Java code execution speeds up by JVM through JIT compiler. The bytecode is compiled to native machine code quickly by JIT compiler.  Also, concurrency in Java makes the software applications run faster. On the other side, Python code can be executed in a fast way through different implementations of the language.

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