5 Best Kodi Exodus Alternatives [Updated November 2019]

Are you facing trouble streaming videos and other content with the Kodi Exodus add-on? If yes, it is due to the fact that Exodus has been discontinued. This happened a long time ago, and now you might be wondering what is the best alternative to browse through the best entertainment available on Kodi? Surprise! Surprise! We have a solution to this problem. 

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best Kodi Exodus alternatives that will prove to be a blessing in disguise to make your weekends entertaining and thrilling. We give you our word that after reading the alternative options for Exodus add-on, you will get a seamless browsing experience on Kodi that you were missing out on.

Before we look at the pointers, it’s time to focus on understanding the functionality of Kodi. Kodi is an open-source software that works on TV, mobile (iOS and Android), and PC. But, always remember to use it with a VPN.

Why is it necessary to use a VPN with Kodi?

Right now, your IP address is visible and can be tracked by ISP servers. Virtual Private Network or VPN will help you in hiding your browsing activity from the ISP servers, which can block unofficial streaming.

Another legitimate reason is VPN will prevent the ISP from taking over the internet control, solving the buffering issues while watching movies or web series, and will encrypt your network traffic. It will also help you in securing your network and preventing malware from entering your system.

Important Note* – Always use a trusted VPN provider. A wrong VPN can carry malware and viruses and will also slow down your internet speed.

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Now, let’s take a look at the Exodus Add-on alternatives,

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux: Best Exodus Alternatives

Source: everydayelectronics.com

Exodus Redux is the fork of the original Exodus and has a better laid out format. Redux is one of the best replacement of the Exodus and is doing unquestionably well among Kodi users. Exodus has been long forgotten after the launch of Redux. People no more miss it. Whatever bugs were in the original Exodus has been removed from the Redux version. Exodus Redux is frequently updated with new content. You can stream plenty of movies, TV shows, and much more, that too, with high quality and reliable streaming links.

Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter: Best Exodus Alternatives

Source: firesticktricks.com

Another best possible substitute for Exodus add-on is Movie Theatre Butter (MTB). It is a third-party add-on, and that means it can allow you to access a wide range of movies, TV shows, documentaries, web series, and many more. Can you guess what is the main benefit of opting for MTB? Tada… It has the ‘Auto-play’ feature. Yep. To add more to your happy face, we have something more to inform you. 

MTB comes in two editions – MTB-Select Link and MTB Greased Lightning Fast Auto-Play. Let’s focus on the differences between the two. Movie Theater Butter-Select Link provides you thousands of links to select from. On the other hand, MTB Greased Lightning Fast Auto-Play browses thousands of links and auto-plays the best one. Select Link provides 4K resolution streaming while Greased Lightning Fast Auto-Play provides 1080p only.

The Magic Dragon

Best Exodus Alternatives: The Magic Dragon

Source: tvboxbee.com

Do you remember the Dogs Bollock add-on, the one that was very popular amongst the Kodi users? It got rebranded. Along with the rebranding, it also got a new look and much more interesting content. As it has been repackaged, it is packed with lots of high-quality streaming links. Now it allows you to browse all kind of entertainment available on BlueRay Movies RD Only, 4K movies, People Watching, documentaries, Catch Up TV, New Cams/HDTS Releases, Episodes of The Day, Real Debrid Movies, TV/Entertainment, Kodi Channels, Radio, and many more. 


Best Exodus Alternative: Gaia

Source: troypoint.com

Another alternative for Exodus is Gaia. It the clone of the popular add-on ‘Bubbles.’ It stopped working for some time in the past, but after reviving, it has worked properly with the viewer-satisfaction. The latest update it got was in June 2019. It included power-packed features that enable users to binge-watch with auto-play, cinematic mode, improved Usenetscrapers, IMDb to Trakt support, EmbyService support, caching system, and bug fixes. It streams both HD and SD quality videos. 

Oh, and yes, it can easily integrate with third-party streaming services like Trakt.tv and Real-Debrid.


Best Exodus Alternatives: Numbers

Source: husham.com

Exodus Redux is the fork of Exodus, and Numbers is its clone version. ‘Numbers’ is easy to use and fetches the best 4K and HD resolution high-quality links from the scrapers. This very reason makes it loved by every Kodi user. 

The reason that makes it easy to use is it consists of only nine categories to browse from, including TV Shows, Movies, New Movies, My Movies, New Episodes, My TV Shows, Search, Channels, and Tools. The other big advantage of this Exodus alternative is that its UI is appealing and works smoothly on firestick too. You can easily change its setting from the tools option. Can it get any better than this?


There is no chance of you to miss the Exodus (in case you still were!). As promised, we have provided you with the best Kodi Exodus alternatives to select from, of which some are third-party add-ons, and some are either clone version or the fork version. But we bet they will provide you with the best online streaming experience to make your weekends watch-worthy. For more updates on technology, visit Technographx.