4 Top Website Design Tools

free website design tools

A website is a must for each and every business as it helps to expand the business very quickly and reach maximum people across the world. Many people are non-techy and they find it difficult to learn those complex programming languages. There are many free website design tools available in the market that help to build the websites very easily.

Let’s have a look at them.


free website design tools

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Weebly is one of the best free website design tools currently available in the market. It contains many stylish templates and it helps the novice users to build the websites very easily. This powerful free solution offers two ways to build the website. The simplest option is to use the basic editor builder which will create a website automatically for you after asking a series of questions to you. The standard editor lets you design the website on your own. Though both the options are cloud-based, they provide you with great control to customize the website in the best manner possible. Numerous features are available to choose from for your website.


free website design tools

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WordPress is the most popular platform used by everyone to host their websites. It is very much ideal to build online stores, blogs, portfolios and static sites. There are lots of themes, free plugins available on the two different versions of WordPress. The more complex version is the wordpress.org which requires you to have your own web space for hosting the site. The wordpress.com lets you create the site on its own portal. The later one is the best option for those people who don’t want to get into those technical hurdles. An impressive professional looking site can be created with the WordPress site. Try WordPress online or go for downloading it.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

free website design tools

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This tool contains an impressive range of templates, smart features like code and tag suggestions. There is a split screen preview available that allows you to see the affected changes directly that you make in the coding part. It doesn’t use a CMS platform. The tool is a very nice one for the beginners as it helps them to build the website from scratch very easily. The spell-checking and code optimization features are only available in the paid versions.


free website design tools

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This another free website builder has both the offline and online versions. There are a big range of themes and extensions available right here. Novice and non-techy people find it very comfortable to work with this tool. The online version is better suitable for the novice people as the offline version is not quite user-friendly. Joomla is a popular name in the CMS world and it also offers two options.

You can build a site using the web app at launch.joomla.org and host it on the server of the company or download the software from the website and get it hosted on your own server. The online option is quite complex but it is a better option for the freshers. The customization options are great with this tool so you can definitely consider it for building your personal website, blog or business website.

Thus, these were the best free website design tools that are currently available in the market. Try these tools out and build your best website!