4 Top iPhone Apps of 2022

iPhone operating system

Today, iPhones have gained huge popularity all over the world. People have gone crazy about buying the iPhone and the demand is increasing day by day. The importance of the iPhone app development increasing very much over the past five years. Now building much great application. There are many amazing and top iPhone apps compatible with the iOS operating system of which people are unaware.

Let us have a look at some of the wonderful applications.

Procreate Pocket

iPhone operating system

Source – imore.com

The Procreate Pocket is a great app if you have an interest in digital finger-painting. This app is really wonderful and the sleek interface of the app makes you enjoy the painting by heart. There is a toolbar that runs along the top of the display that provides access to the brushes very quickly.

There are two sliders on the left of the screen for adjusting the opacity and the size of the brush. More advanced features available in the app for doing advanced painting work. You can share your recordings too with your friends. This app compatible with the iPhone operating system is a must to be used if you have the desire to paint something creative.

Obscura 2

 iOS operating system

Source – 9to5mac.files.wordpress.com

Obscure 2, an app that is compatible with the iOS operating system is the best manual camera app today. The app echoes the old manual cameras and so everything is based around a contextual wheel that is above the shutter. Initially, its usage is to select a tool. The wheel enables you to set the focus or exposure with the thumb. You will get a real feel of precision control while doing so. The app contains all the latest features of modern photography trends and the app design is wonderful too.

Fiery Feeds

 iOS operating system

Source – blog.cocoacake.net

This app is a very powerful and beautifully designed RSS reader. Once the subscription to some of the websites is done. This app will pull down headlines and synopses for you for free. This app is a wonderful resource to get you the important information you won’t want to miss out on. There are many options for customizing the visual appearance of the app and many possible ways to share interesting content via the app.

Bear Focus Timer

 iOS operating system

Source – tapsmart.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

This app that is only compatible with the iPhone operating system helps you to concentrate more on your work before getting distracted by the iPhone. This app provides you with a sense of focus if you are distracting by the iPhone. The timers of this app are adjustable and you can fine-tune lengths for work, session counts, long breaks, and short breaks.

The interface of the app invites you to turn your device upside-down to get the timer going. The timer gets stopped when you pick up your phone. It is chastising and amusing in equal measure that makes you smile, flip your phone back and listen to the drowning noise loops of the app.

Thus, these were the top iPhone apps that are currently in huge demand in the market. If you own an iPhone, make sure you install and use these apps.