The fact is, mobile is here to stay. The shift towards using mobile devices has only intensified over recent years. The total number of transactions completed on a mobile device has already surpassed that of traditional desktop websites. While having a responsive and mobile site is vital, a lot of consumers are shifting their usage to mobile apps. After all, a mobile app makes things a lot easier to navigate, and they tend to be much more convenient for consumers. Below, we will be going over a few benefits of using a WooCommerce mobile app builder.

No Substantial Development Costs

The main benefit that you will be able to get from using the WooCommerce mobile app builder is the ability to avoid having any substantial development costs that would typically be associated with building an app. The truth is that building out an entire mobile app is something that is not financially feasible for a lot of businesses. Unless you have a lot of resources and a substantial budget to dedicate to its development, you will not be able to hire an experienced developer to build one for you. However, with WooCommerce’s mobile app builder, you will be able to build a custom app for your WooCommerce store without having to invest so much time, energy, and financial resources into it. 

 WooCommerce Mobile App Builder


Different App Features

With a WooCommerce mobile app, you will be able to take advantage of a lot of exclusive features that you would only have access to with an app. This includes things like having different widgets display your products much more prominently on the screen, having an image slider, a product scroller, and more. Along with this, you will be able to include things like a live chat window to provide better customer service to your customers. There are several things that you can do with an app that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do with a mobile website as easily.

You can also go through some WooCommerce plugins. Here are some of the top WooCommerce Payment Plugins that you should try out.

Push Notifications

Another major advantage is the ability to take advantage of the operating systems push notification system. Push notifications are one of the best ways to get much more engagement with your business and doing so with a mobile app is much easier and much more effective. When you look to use push notifications with a website, the notification is much more likely to be blocked as permission has to be granted. Consumers are less likely to grant this notification than one that is coming from an app.

Better Analytics

With mobile app development, you are going to be able to take advantage of detailed statistics and analytics that can help you figure out how to optimize things like the checkout process and more. 

 WooCommerce Mobile App


Better Branding

Having an app is pretty much an essential part of having an effective digital marketing strategy. Nowadays, consumers are going to place a lot more emphasis on doing business with businesses that make their lives easier and who have a good digital footprint. By having a mobile app, you are going to make it much easier for a prospective customer to buy things from your site. Therefore, it is going to make them much more likely to do so. It can help you brand your business as a premium business within the marketplace. This is especially true if your competition has yet to catch up with their mobile app.

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It’s Accessible

Now, with WooCommerce app builder plugins, it is much more accessible than ever before to create your app effectively. These builders are very optimized and easy to use, which makes it a great resource for anyone looking to improve their business and become that much more mobile-friendly.

Overall, there are plenty of different benefits that you can get from using the WooCommerce mobile app builder app to create a highly optimized app for your WooCommerce website. Not only is it going to help you create an optimized app at a fraction of the cost that it would cost with a professional development team, but it can help you position your business as one that is premium. It can help you get better sales and conversions than you would be able to get with a mobile website.