Whiteboard Animation – Simplicity & Style In One Product

Whiteboard Animation

This kind of animation is constantly included in the list of recent trends. It has firmly won the hearts of both the viewers and the designers themselves. This kind of animated art, as if created by hand, with a light sketch on a clean light surface, is both intriguing and easily explains the essence of things happening on the screen. It is not surprising that this technique is often used to create explaining video products. Although, Google Doodles in this style is a real hit, tracked by millions of Internet users.

Characteristics of The Whiteboard Animation – What Is Its Essence?

Whiteboard Animation

  Sometimes this type of technique is called doodle animation – and this precisely describes its principle. A video is drawn as if by hand, in the form of sketches that broadcast a simple and uncomplicated image to the consumer of content.

 And this is the first principle of whiteboard animation. Simplicity is the key to success, especially when it is combined with originality and thoughtful plot.

 Another distinctive feature of it is that it does not show the viewer the finished pictures, but demonstrates the process of their creation: during the display of video using the whiteboard technique, not only the image is present on the screen, but also the hand of the designer who draws it.

Why Does Whiteboard Animation Become So Popular?

Whiteboard Animation

  • It is interesting to watch videos in this style: they attract attention and keep it well throughout the whole plot.
  • They are easy to perceive: simple images can reveal the essence of even the most complex things to the consumer.
  • The deliberate conciseness and movements of the designer’s hands on the screen seem to hypnotize the viewer, fascinate him and make the whiteboard animation attractive: didn’t you notice that you want to remote those videos to see them more than once?
  • Price is important too that’s a fact. The cost of creating a video with whiteboard animation is much lower than the price of complex 3D projects or combined drawing techniques projects.

 At the same time, whiteboard animation can be useful for various purposes. So, this type of video is perfect for:

  • Those who have difficulties to describe a product that cannot be easily disclosed to the consumer.
  • The training centres and consulting agencies: to explain in simple words complex concepts when learning – with whiteboard animation it is easy!
  • E-commerce: advertising your store or its individual products, promotions and offers set out in the style of a whiteboard animation look fresh and original.
  • Mobile application developers: today’s whiteboard animation is well suited for presenting new products in the mobile market.

  Yes, even the creation of corporate style for your brand or company with elements of whiteboard animation will be a great solution! This is a kind of advertising company, its services and products. On websites, YouTube channel, conferences, exhibitions, presentations, business owners are trying to come up with the most original and interesting way to advertise their business and product.

Whiteboard Animation

  If you want to get a really high-quality video in the style of whiteboard animation, try to constantly be included in the process of its development and creation. This means that after you decide on a contractor who will execute your order, you have a lot of work to do because how much animation will convey your message depends on the idea a lot!

 For developers, whiteboard animation work with the client is also a big deal, because in case of failure they will have to redo a lot of work. Therefore, it is best not just to set your own concept, but to work out an exact brief, to form a detailed technical task and participate in implementation discussions on a par with designers, developers, artists and other specialists who will have a hand in creating your video with whiteboard animation.

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Whiteboard Animation

 To recommend specific whiteboard animation studios and agencies is a thankless job. Before ordering, collect a list of at least 10 contractors including freelancers. Communicate with each. See how many projects they have in their portfolio. Be sure to show references that your future video should look like. This should prevent unexpected results and provide minimal protection.

Author’s bio: Jane Kinburn, designer in Darvideo’s motion graphics design department. Having a huge package of produced video projects in explainer videos, promos and presentations she claims the popularization of the motion video design to the common public by simple language means.