Life simulation games are not new. There is a separate fanbase of such games. Sims4 is also one such life simulation video game which is published by the famous Electronic Arts, or often known as EA. It is developed by the Redwood shores studio, and is the 4th title in the series of Sims. The game is available on a variety of devices such as PC, Xbox one, PS4, etc. There are numerous mods that can be used to have more fun. One of the most recognized ones is the UI Cheats Sims 4 Extension Mod. If you are keen on knowing about the same, read on!

The mod was basically developed to give us a change in the way we can cheat in the game. The UI cheat extension is enabled by the mod on the screen and a player can use numerous cheats by just clicking on the left or the right of the screen. This is different as people are accustomed to manually typing cheats and hence, is a gamechanger when you talk in terms of user experience.

With the usage of this mod, the overall gameplay is made smoother and you can play the game efficiently. But the bigger question is how to download this mod. Well, there are a few steps involved. Follow them precisely to avoid any problem.

UI Cheats Sims 4 Extension

  • Search for the keyword: “ui cheats sims 4 mod download” on Google and you will get many links where you can download the cheats extension. Click on any of them and download the zip file link that they have put there. 
ui cheats sims 4


  • After you have downloaded the file, use any file extractor to extract the files to this location. Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods>UI Cheats Extention/
ui cheats sims 4


  • Start your game but prior to that ensure that the script mods are enabled. You can see that in the game options’ menu.
ui cheats sims 4


What Can Be Done with the Sims 4 UI Mod?

Well, you can achieve plenty of things with the mod. Some of them which can be controlled are mentioned below:


With the help of Sims 4 UI extension MOD, you will be able to control the feelings of your sim. You can simply add or remove moodlets and control the emotions. When you will right-click on a moodlet, that particular moodlet will be removed from the sims. This is especially useful when your SIM is pregnant and you don’t want to handle all those mood swings! If your SIM is angry at an occasion, you can immediately right-click on that and the sim will be instantly happy.


If you are facing money problems, Sims 4 UI Extension Mod can help you in dealing with the monetary issues. Left-clicking on your money will instantly get you 1000 simoleons. This can really help at occasions where we are short of money by 500-1000. If you feel like you need to stack up the cash, you can repeat this infinite times! 

If you right-click on our money, you will see an option in front of you where you can enter the amount of money you want. This way, you can get a huge amount of money within seconds. Moreover, if you want to stay realistic, you can even insert a negative amount. The amount will be deducted from your total balance, leaving your SIMS broke at times!

Apart from the above-mentioned domains, you can also apply the cheat to set time as well as improve skills and get jobs.

ui cheats sims 4


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Fix Sims 4 UI Extension Not Working

If you are facing Sims 4 UI Extension not working issue, it might be a problem with your mod. If your mod is outdated, you need to update it to the latest version. If your version of MOD is not the latest one, it might be incompatible with the game and can not work as per the standards.

To prevent such issues, you should disable the UI Cheat Extension Mode before updating the SIMS. A particular version of mod is compatible with only a particular instance of the game. As per the reports, the mod version 1.26 only works with The Sims 4 version 1.77.131. New patches are installed and hence, an issue can occur. But, as we said, you must disable the extension mode through the game options before updating. 

Even the Patreon page says that problems such as text glitches, mod freeze, interface missing are occurring, and in most cases it is a mismatch between the version of the game and version of the mod. If nothing goes as per the recommendations, a reinstall is the only option available. 

This was all about ui cheats sims 4. The mod is amazing and provides numerous facilities such as locking & unlocking perks, change grade, add money etc. However, a mismatch in the version of the game and version of the mod can cause problems. Try disabling the mod prior to updating and you will face no issues with the working of the mod.

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