10 Essentials For Trucking Businesses To Be Entirely ELD Compliant

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

In recent years, the FMCSA launched the ELD mandate to attempt and reduce road accidents in the US. There was no proper working mechanism to cloak the operating hours of truck drivers. There were a lot of road accidents as the drivers would fall asleep while driving. Let’s see trucking businesses to be ELD compliant.

It was evident that the government should take truck safety seriously to reduce road accidents. This is why they have implemented the ELD mandate. ELD mandate stands for an electronic logging device mandate, which tracks the real-time data of the drivers working hours.  

Currently, every trucking business needs to be ELD compliant to operate in their country. If you need to understand what all are important for ELD compliance, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will look at the ten essentials for the trucking business to be entirely ELD compliant. 

1. Global Positioning Systems 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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Global Positioning Systems is one of the essential tools that you will need for your fleet tracking app. Under the ELD compliance, a company will have to keep track of the movements of all its trucks. They also need to know if the truck is stationary or moving at any point in time. Therefore, the GPS will be the first essential thing for the trucking business. 

2. Fleet Risk Management 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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ELD compliance is all about managing and mitigating fleet risk. When companies focus on fleet risk management, they are guaranteed smooth operations of their fleet. Along with that, you will avoid paying unnecessary costs. Some of the fleet management techniques include improving driver safety, minimizing liabilities, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining vehicle conditions. 

3. Hours of Service (HOS) 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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Under the ELD compliance, every truck should have a tracking device to monitor the hours of service. The tracking device will be connected to the engine of the truck. It will record the driving time of the driver, which it will use to calculate the hours of service of the driver. 

The Hours of Service guideline restricts the quantity of driving hours out of every day. So that the drivers are always fresh and awake while driving. There are various rules regarding the hours of safety, such as a 14-hour shift limit and an 11-hour driving limit. Therefore, it is crucial to have a proper understanding of Hours of Services

4. Telematics 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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We all know that it is challenging to manage a large fleet. The biggest problem that we face is to have real-time data of the trucks. This is where telematics comes into play and helps companies to manage their fleet.  

In your career in fleet management, you must have heard the work telematics. When we talk about telematics, we focus on the combination of telecommunications and information. When you include telematics in your operations, it will help you automate most of the processes. It will also help to reduce redundant data and costs. 

5. Safety Programs for Fleets

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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Every trucking companies’ number one priority is to make sure everything and everyone is safe. These companies should focus on the safety programs for their fleets. They should make sure that proper safety training is given to the drivers and always maintain safer vehicles and equipment. 

6. Keeping Drivers Safe 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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It goes without saying that when the driver is safe and in sound mind, there are meager chances of accidents happening. Their safety will directly affect the safety of the vehicle and the people around them.  

Training your divers on safety measures is paramount. It would be best if you encouraged them to follow proper road safety methods and always follow the defensive driving techniques. 

7. Prevent Truck Theft 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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Your truck contains valuable goods from your customers; hence it is vital to keep them safe. In the trucking industries, truck owners usually suffer from truck thefts. Therefore, as a truck owner, you will have to put up proper safety measures to stop the theft of your trucks.  

There are plenty of ways you can reduce the chances of your truck getting stolen. The most important aspect is to give proper training to your drivers. Along with that, you can also install instruments to keep the truck safe. Equipment like tracking device, alarm and security systems, kill switch, and steering wheel lock mechanism works the best.  

8. Temperature Monitoring System 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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One of the significant profitable areas for the trucking business is refrigerated goods. A lot of companies lose a lot of money as they are unable to deliver the goods in good condition. Therefore, it is vital to have a sound temperature monitoring system for your trucks. 

When you implement the temperature monitoring system, you ensure that all the goods are in prime condition. The monitoring system will ensure that you get real-time data on the temperature of your container. This will help you to make sure no goods or produce go spoilt during the transit.

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9. App To Track The Fleet 

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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In the generation that we live in, everything is possible to do within our phones on our fingertips. Similarly, you can use an app to track your fleets on your smartphone. You will have all the features like fleet management, tracking, HOS, and ELD compliance on one app.  

An app will help you to ensure smooth operation and maintain visibility of your fleet. It will also help you to identify the defaulter drivers who do not follow the protocols.  

10. Trucking Industry Growth  

trucking businesses to be ELD compliant

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With the rise in the Internet of Things, we have seen tremendous growth in the trucking industries in the past few years. It is believed that the development will keep rising in the next few years. Trucking companies should be ready to capture the market during the rise.  

To ensure that you do not miss this opportunity, the trucking companies should ensure to adhere to the ELD mandate. If the trucks do not follow the ELD compliance, then they may lose on future businesses. Therefore, every trucking business should ensure to have all their trucks ELD compliant.