Transport Management System can be widely regarded as a platform to enable the use of technology for ensuring better and improvised business plans for transportation of goods along with proper documentation, whenever and wherever required. A logistic software is often the core structure of a transport management system which offers transparency and timely delivery of goods. Moreover, the overall process is optimized in such a way that the management is easy to carry out irrespective of the location of goods i.e., whether it is transported by air, by land, or by the means of water. 

In most cases, the logistic software plays a pivotal role in the functioning of supply chains. It is involved in almost every process right from the beginning (planning) till the end (acquisition). As the process, with the help of logistic software will be more transparent, more customers will be satisfied leading to a spike in your sales. The software is generally used by numerous businesses involved in the field of transportation such as Manufactures, Distributors, E-commerce organizations, Third-Party logistic companies, etc. 

A logistic software can help you save a lot of time which you can invest in your business to do other important tasks. Your employees can focus on other tasks by not investing their time in manual tasks which can be efficiently done by the logistic software automation. There are numerous benefits that such a software can provide to your business. Read on to know the prominent features of a logistic software and then you can take the decision of buying it based on your business requirements. 

Proper Management Of Order:

Here, every concerned person in the process can track the package and access the relevant information which they are entitled to. When you want to enter transport order, you can do the task either manually or depend upon the automation procedure. The system will automatically allocate respective authorities in the procedure along with a designated route. The drivers will be able to see their respective orders on their screen along with the destination location. 

Moreover, paperless technology will lead to all documents being available on the screen of the driver and hence, the driver will not have to carry different documents for the same. As the location and status of the delivery changes, the planners will be able to track information and can set up upcoming orders to handle a vast number of deliveries of goods. 

Transport Management System

Reduce Freight Expenses:

A key feature of logistics software is they provide a price comparison between different shipping providers and the order can be sent by selecting the shipping provider with the lowest price accordingly. This helps to reduce freight expenses. Unnecessary expenses can be lowered down due to the efficient use of the TMS. Automation can help validate shipment charges which are otherwise done manually by the employees. 

Rate Management

Rate engine is an important tool of any logistic software. With the help of rate engine, you will be able to automate calculations of parcels with proper input of LTL, truckload as per the standard rules and rates and additional discounts. All-in-all, the software will be able to generate a customized rate accommodating different taxes and rates in different locations. 

Calculate Load Of Truck 

With the help of the logistic software, you will be able to calculate the load that the truck or trailer can carry. All you need to do is enter information regarding your vehicle such as model number and dimensions and save it as a master data for the upcoming calculations. Depending upon the software, certain ones tend to allow 3D simulation of trucks which can help you to balance load with utmost precision. 

Provides Better Customer Service

One of the prominent benefits of TMS is to serve your customers in a better way. Order tracking is a must when you deliver products to your customers and this feature is provided by any logistic software. Order tracking enables regular updates about where the shipment has reached and in how many days it will reach the customer’s shipping address. If you don’t have order tracking, your customer support team will get tons of phone calls asking about the status of the delivery which gets removed when you have a good TMS with an order tracking feature. 

An accurate order tracking is facilitated resulting in better customer service, not only for order shipment but also in the cases when the shipment is returned. TMS can facilitate efficient returns of orders too. 

Smooth Return management is a must to provide good customer service so they can get a satisfying response making them willing to purchase products from you in the future.  

Transport Management System

Improved Billing Processes

Automation is the primary benefit of TMS. Everything here can be automated which makes the work easy for any business. Any process needs not to be manually undertaken. Invoicing, auditing, and other stuff is automatically undertaken. Accounting processes can be made a lot simpler, reducing the burden of the accounting team. Cross-checking of the invoice against the original shipment rate is done automatically and if it equals, a bill is generated by the TMS. 

Cloud Portals for Easy Accessibility

Nowadays, most of the software works on the cloud. This includes the logistic software as well. You don’t need to download the software on your system. Rather, you can operate the software through the web app from any part of the world and from any device. Most of the tools have mobile applications as well so you can perform the actions right from your smartphone without logging in to any desktop or laptop device. 

Explore the features provided by this tool and contact the support team today to know the pricing and other details. Don’t wait, get the tool today and make your transportation management a lot simpler, easy and smooth to take your business to the next level!