Take a quick look at the history of zippers

history of zippers

Zippers have a rich and a long history. While searching to buy zippers from best zipper suppliers, it is better to take a quick look at the history of them as well. Then you will be able to get a better understanding on how zippers have evolved from the past.Ellas Howe is considered as the person who invented the sewing machine into the world. He is also the person who invested the first ever zipper. The first zipper was introduced back in 1851. By that time, it was called as the Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure. However, Ellas Howe couldn’t do many improvements to the zipper.

history of zippers
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Whitcomb Judson then started evolving the zipper. He was an experimenter and a tinkerer. He is well-known for introducing a large number of labor saving devices to the world. He was able to make the zipper into a practical product, which all people can use without encountering any frustration.

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The zipper that was can see in today’s world was introduced by one of the employees of Judson, named Gideon Sunback. He was continuing the experiments that Judson has been doing with the zipper. As a result, he was able to come up with an improved version of the zipper by 1917. One of the biggest customers of zippers at that time was the United States Army. It was named as fastener by that time. These fasteners played a major role behind apparel gear during World War One.

history of zippers

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Now you must be wondering how the name of the fastener changed into a zipper. It was B F Goodrich company, who changed the name of the fastener into zipper. They were one of the mass producers of fasteners by that time. The process of sliding the fastener up and down was named as Zip’er Up by the folks who worked for this company. Eventually, the company went ahead and registered the trademark for one of their shoes containing fasteners to Zipper Boots. With this, the term Zipper became popular among people.

Back in the day, zippers were widely being used in tobacco pouches and boots. Along with time, people discovered that it is possible to use them in many other applications. As a result, you will be able to see that zippers are now being used to get various types of work done out there in the world.