How To Solve Spotify Can’t Play The Current Track Error? – Reliable Answers

spotify can't play the current track

This lockdown has locked us in rooms with work from home tasks. And those who don’t have work to rely on entertainment channels to spend their time. It is the only way to keep people home and stay sane. And the favorite thing to kill time is to hear music. Spotify has seen a significant increase in the number of users after the COVID-19 situation. But imagine grooving on the trending songs and sudden pop-up of message on your screen “Spotify can’t play the current track.” How will you react? It will make you go insane. This is what Spotify users are facing right now.

People are spending more time on Spotify; most of the log-ins are seen from desktops, smart speakers, and mobile phones. There has been a radical change in the playlist preference, and users are listening to the workout, cooking- and housework-themed playlists.

We can’t say machines don’t make mistakes, they definitely do! Certainly, Spotify also had few errors, but they were solved in a very short span of time. However, “Spotify can’t play this right now,” “Spotify can’t play a current song,” whatever you name the error is there on the browser for a quiet long time. And still, Musicophiles (one who loves music) are facing this problem.

There isn’t any particular answer to the error, but here we have provided you the solutions that were found useful to users according to many online forums. And they have worked just fine for us. In short, these are the tried-and-trusted clues to the “Spotify can’t play the current track” error.

Connect to the Right Playing Device

spotify can't play the current track


If you are playing a song on the third device, as soon as you get the message, first, check whether the right playing device is connected or not. There are times when we accidentally click on the wrong device. Disconnect the device and reconnect it. It may solve the issue.

Check whether the Music is Available in Your Country or Not

If still, you are getting the same message on the screen or you are streaming the music on your own device, check the availability of the particular song in the country. As nowadays, the music as geographical limitations due to their licensing and can’t be accessed everywhere. Typically, Spotify fades the song’s name or doesn’t allow you to click on the song, but still checking it once might solve the issue. Many users have claimed that this technique works.

Restarting the Application

spotify can't play the current track


The solution to most of the errors is restarting the application. If nothing works, try this one. There are chances that Spotify may have gotten frozen or had a glitch and is showing you the error. Just restart the application the problem might get its way out.

Turn-off High-Quality Streaming

spotify can't play the current track


High-quality streaming is only available for premium users. If you are playing music with an ad-supported plan, it won’t work. Even if you have downloaded the song in high-quality with the paid plan, it won’t work on the free plan. So turn off the high-quality streaming. How to do it? Follow the steps:

#1: Open the account settings in Spotify.

#2: Go to the Music Quality and change it to Automatic or Normal. Now you should be able to play music.

Re-install and Log-in Again

spotify can't play the current track


If that also doesn’t work, there might be a problem with the version of your Spotify. Re-install the application from the official website of Spotify. Log out and log in again to check whether the problem is solved or not. It should have gone away.

Try Disabling the Hardware Acceleration 

spotify can't play the current track


One user on the online forum also said that turning off the hardware acceleration helps in solving the issue. Try this too, who knows that might help you.

Follow the steps to disable hardware acceleration:

#1: Again, open the Spotify Settings, scroll down, and click on the advance settings.

#2: Look for the Compatibility then turn off the Hardware Acceleration. And restart the application. As simple as that. By now, the ‘Spotify can’t play the current song’ error should have been solved.

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Free Up Space on your Computer

The most basic problem that leads to another toxic issue is free space. Whether you are using Spotify on mobile phones or desktop (windows/mac), low storage space can get in between the enjoyment. So make sure you free up space by clearing all the unnecessary items. It is said that a minimum of 1Gb space is required to have a smooth functioning Spotify.

Set Crossfade to zero (0) seconds

spotify can't play the current track


Crossfade is a really fantastic feature. It changes the song in a real smooth way. You won’t even realize when it got changed. It won’t break your trance. Since the “can’t play the music” is a playback issue, you can try enabling the crossfade feature. For that, you will have to follow the steps mentioned:

#1: Account Settings > Advance Setting (you will find it after scrolling down).

#2: Click on the Playback section and enable the crossfade and set it to zero (0). If it is already enabled, then disable it and enable it again.

#3: Now restart the app and see if the matter is solved.

Restart your PC

Close all the applications running after saving the data, and restart the computer. No matter if you are using mac or windows. Many users claim that the simple restarting solves the case. We do this with our mobile phones too when something is wrong, right? And it works.

Clear the Spotify Cache

spotify can't play the current track


Every application stored temporary files from time to time to keep functioning. Spotify too stores them to stream the music smoothly, but sometimes they don’t clear and creates a problem. To solve the issue, you will have to clear the cache. First, you will have to erase the offline storage. Follow the steps to do so:

#1: Open the Spotify Settings, scroll down, and click on the advance settings.

#2: Locate the Offline song Storage and note down its location.

#3: Now go to the folder and delete all the files. And restart the app.

Even after that, you are facing the same issue, clear the application cache by directly going to the “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Spotify\” location and clear the entire folder. This will surely help you.

Enjoy Your Isolation With Non-Stop Music

spotify can't play the current track


These were the tricks that you can try to solve the issue of “Spotify can’t play the current track” error. Once this is solved, you will be able to stream the non-stop music and have an amazing evening with your family or friends. For more technical error-solving articles, visit Technographx.