4 Excellent Strategies of Social Proof Marketing to Drive High ROI

Social Proof Marketing

Social proof is a term defined by Robert Cialdini. The term was coined in his 1984 book, Influence, is also known as informational social influence.

The psychological and social phenomenon of humans is described by the term wherein people follow the actions of others. It is considered prominent in ambiguous social situations in which people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior and follow other people assuming that they have more knowledge of the current situation.

Social proof marketing is very useful in digital marketing as it helps to earn the trust of the visitors and helps in driving more sales.  Technographx has brought some methods of social proof marketing are as follows.


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The testimonials are a good way to earn credibility. When you offer the testimonials on your website, the visitors coming to the website will trust you more and will be ready to buy your products and services readily without any doubt in their mind. The testimonials will help you in driving more sales for sure.

Ratings and Reviews

Social Proof Marketing

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Another very good approach is customer review. It can be immensely powerful and can help you very much in driving a good ROI for your site. People do check the reviews and ratings before they purchase any product for sure. The 5-star system is mostly used nowadays on many websites.

Influencer Endorsements

 Social Proof Marketing

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Yes, the influencer endorsers are very powerful and people trust them very much. If any well-known person has ever complimented any product or service on your site then go on and find it and add it to your home page. This will help to gain the trust of a number of people as people will be respecting that influential endorser and so won’t hesitate in buying stuff from your website.

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Social Proof Marketing

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Yes, put badges, seals or certifications on your site for gaining the trust of the visitors. This will help you to boost the credibility of your site. People do trust the different certifications that you have earned so you should definitely keep them.

So, these were the different social proof marketing strategies that you can try out on your website to gain the trust of your potential customers.

Social Proof Marketing

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