Samsung T7 Shield 4TB: The Best Portable SSD Ever

Samsung T7 Shield 4TB

A couple of weeks have passed since Samsung launched the 4TB model of its immensely admired Samsung T7 – an SSD that is highly portable. This model offers something on top of the 1TB and 2TB size options released by the flagship brand last April. 


Do you know the specialty of this SSD? It is one of the most heavy-duty SSDs that you will ever find. It comes with a robust casing that shields the device from both inside and outside. The enclosure of the shield is developed using aluminum. It comes with an IP65 water and dust defiance rating. This protects the product from the downpour and other things. 


The additional benefits of this SSD: It provides crush defiance and can protect from drops from more than nine feet in height. The SSD comes with a rubbery surface shell covered with aluminum, providing additional shielding.

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The size of the SSD is very minuscule, which makes it highly portable and perfect for carrying while traveling. Samsung T7 Shield 4TB is currently ready for use in Black color.  


You can easily purchase this superb SSD from the Samsung website at $430. The 2TB variant is available at $180 and 1TB at $100.

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