Samsung Galaxy On8 Price in India Revealed

Samsung Galaxy On8

These days all electronic products are getting very cheaper Mobile phones, desktop, computers systems, and all other electronic products because of the technology that keeps on changing moment to moment with such a rapid speed like never before this was possible in the history of electronics. We are here today to share one thing about the Samsung Galaxy On8 so that it can help you to know about it before the product is launch and revealing the price of the Samsung Galaxy On8.

So now you can choose your product and make use of it like never before.

Revealed price of Samsung Galaxy On8 is Rs. 18,000

Samsung Galaxy On8

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Samsung Galaxy On8 comes with 4GB and space of 64GB inbuilt storage and dual camera. This On8 model size is a 6-inch HD+ Super Amoled display for viewing big websites like Flipkart, Amazon as given by on 31-07-2018.

News reporters say In India 20 Lakh Units of Galaxy J8 and Galaxy J6 are got sold till now and as per the company’s seals reports each day 50,000 units of Galaxy and Galaxy J8 are getting sold. Samsung Galaxy On8 will available on all online major platforms.

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Features of Samsung Galaxy On8

Samsung Galaxy On8

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On8 is highly power by Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-CORE processor, a 6-inch-High Definition display. Also, this phone is pack with 4GB RAM and also 64GB within the system. Therefore, this smartphone is built with 2 cameras front camera, and a back camera. The camera’s Quality is not yet reveal but they may reveal soon.

Samsung Galaxy On8 smartphone may be cheaper than the Galaxy J8, the current price of Galaxy J8 is Rs 19,000 that means the Galaxy On8 may be one thousand less than the J8. Approximately price of Samsung Galaxy On8 may be Rs 18,000. The expect date to release Samsung Galaxy On8 is on August 9th, 2018.

Previously, In September 2016 Samsung has release Galaxy On8 Smart Mobile which comes with different features like 5.50-inch and also touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.

In India Samsung Galaxy On8 Starts with Rs 10,490. Therefore, 1.6GHz Octa-core processor and the 3GB of RAM are in New Samsung Galaxy On8. Now Look at cool features of 1.6GHz processor built-in Samsung Galaxy On8.

It comes with most advance features which holds the device in a different way and improves the Quality of the device. it is capable of handling all tasks in a proper and simpler way and also avoids stickups in the system like in a single second you can watch HD video, gaming, chat with friends and much more.

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You want to know more about Samsung On8’s company

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This company is find in 1969 with the brand name call Samsung Electronic Industries in South Korea. After some years Samsung is able to manufacture major electronic devices like televisions to semiconductors.

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