Top Reasons To Invest In SEO

Invest In SEO

Since the late 1990s, SEO has played an increasingly important part of online marketing. No matter the size or type of your business, you undoubtedly have a website, and that website needs to be seen by as many people as possible. When someone types a search in for your product or service, you want your website to appear on the first page of Google searches. If it doesn’t, very few people will go to the next page. That’s the basics of SEO, but what are the many reasons you should be investing a good portion of your marketing budget into SEO, and why?

1. Increased Website Traffic 

The main purpose of search engine optimization is to give your website traffic a boost. Doing so means you also add to your chances of turning leads into business. 95% of traffic goes to websites on the front page of Google (and 90% of all web searches are made using Google) which is a sobering statistic. You need good SEO to get to page one.


2. Better User Experience

SEO, when correctly implemented, not only benefits you and your business but also gives the user an easier time. If your site is well-optimized, not only will potential clients find it more easily, they will be more inclined to return. SEO covers pages as well as the overall site, so directing a search to where they want to go vastly improves the user experience. Furthermore, part of good SEO involves having relevant, fresh and original content on your site, so your visitors will appreciate something new to read!

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3. A Better Class of Visitor

What we mean by this is that with efficient and well-thought-out SEO, you will be able to attract visitors who are a perfect match for your product or services. Google appreciates this, and it shows in your increased traffic and conversions. A big part of this is the use of localized SEO, which your SEO consultants will be able to help you with.


4. Authority and Brand Awareness

You want to be seen as the authoritative voice in your field, and you can enhance this, along with your brand awareness, by using SEO. There is an acronym in the industry that is ‘EAT’, and it stands for ‘Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy’. Customers like to see all three, and so does Google! Your SEO consultant will help you enhance your EAT status by introducing SEO practices such as informative blog articles, relevant backlinks, a strong social media presence and more, all to enhance your brand and mark you out as an authority in your field.


5. Return on Investment 

Your marketing budget will be directed into different areas, but few give you a level of return on investment as good as SEO. Talk to the experts now and see how you can improve your SEO rankings, get your website seen by the right people, and start bringing in a custom that you might otherwise lose to your competitors.