PUBG Mobile has become the most famous game in the battle royale category. The graphics, physics, and action attract a lot of players worldwide. But, due to high competition, this game can be gruesome for new players.

Today we bring Five pro tips that you can follow to survive. If you follow our advice, your survival chances will improve. You can also use these PUBG hacks to get the chicken dinner.

Selective Engagement

This may be the most important of all other tips for you today. You should not engage in unnecessary firefights out of temptation. Focus on your looting and arming up. If you see an enemy out in the open, engage only when you’re ready. A bullet sign pops up on the map when you fire your weapon.

The bullet gives your position to other squads also. So be ready to face any rushing enemy towards you. Either you should change your position or watch the entrances. Even if you are a pro player, you should not rush unnecessarily. PUBG is a survival game so, focus on surviving till the end. You will get the opportunity of close combat in the last few circles.

Do Not Stray Alone

If you are playing in the squad, do not wander alone. You may think yourself a pro, but numbers matter. If you get knocked out at a distance, no one is coming to revive you. Also, your attacks will not be effective against an enemy squad. Before entering the match, build a consensus on the landing spot.

After spawning in the plane, appoint a jump leader and jump together. Keep relaying the critical information with your teammates on chat. If you stay together with your team, your attacks will be decisive. If you get knocked out, a teammate can revive you. PUBG is fun to play with the team, so stick together to enjoy it.

Avoid Open Areas

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PUBG maps have lots of open areas and roads, and you should avoid running through these areas. If you are in the open, you can become easy prey for enemies. There is no cover; you might try to duck in grass or behind the trees.

But, if the enemy has a high power scope, you are dead. Try to walk from building to building. If you have to go through the open areas, use vehicles. But suppose if you cannot even find a vehicle to escape. In that condition, rapid movements and smoke grenades remain your only option.

Sprint while making quick jumps to make yourself a challenging target to shoot. Use smoke to hide your path and confuse the enemy.

Watch the Play zone

Like every other battle royale game, PUBG, too, has play zones. The zone keeps shrinking as the game proceeds to reduce the play area. You can look at the zone by opening maps, and in the map, the white circle denotes the legal play area.

You should keep watching the play area to stay in the game. If you stay outside the play zone, you will lose your HP and later die. Play zones are the deciding factor in your winning or losing.

If the last few zones form away from you, things can get tricky for you. Plan your movements according to the zone but do not be obsessive about it. Move on the edges of the circle to reduce your area liability.

Landing Site Matters

Pubg Mobile

Your landing site in PUBG mobile is of the utmost importance, and you should choose the landing site according to your skill level. If you are an average player, do not land on high-intensity sites. School, pachinko, George Polk are some of the high-intensity sites.

Most of the pro players land on these sites so, you can expect some action. You can loot with peace and plan your game if you land on other sites. There is no shame in not landing in the low-risk sites.

The pros, at some point, learned to survive by landing in low-risk areas. Low-risk areas improve your survival chances.


PUBG mobile is a very intense game; if you’re not careful enough, you cannot win. Try to avoid unnecessary firefights and play with stealth. If you are playing in the squad mode, do not stray alone.

If you choose to play in squad mode, stay with your team. Try to move through open areas in vehicles. Keep your eyes on the play zones as it decides your fate in the game if you are unsure about your skills, land in low-risk areas to start with peace.

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