All of us are now using the Internet to browse social media, search for trending news, do online shopping, and do many other things. Many internet users receive too many pop-ups when they surfing on the web. So, it is necessary to install a pop-up blocker in chrome. 

This common issue is affecting millions of users all over the world every day. So, what are these pop-ups? In simple terms, pop-ups are nothing except an internet browser window that suddenly appears from nowhere. Pop-ups appear on the screen when you click on something.

pop-up blocker in Chrome

There are two main reasons why you still getting pop-ups even after installing a pop-up blocker in the extension. The first reason is a pop-up blocker in Chrome is not installed properly, and second, some other programs evade the browser’s pop-up blocker.

If the pop-up is bigger than the main window, it is known as the replacement interface. Java applet is the main source of most of the pop-ups and overlay windows.

Pop-ups are designed to open a new web page within a different window to leave the main webpage unaltered. Pop-up blocker software is intended to stop pop-up windows that are used in a way that is troublesome to the user. In this article from Technographx, you will know the reasons why you still getting pop-ups on Google Chrome.

Pop-Up Blocker May Not Be Configured Properly:

pop-up blocker in Chrome

You may be getting pop-ups in chrome even though you have already install a pop-up blocker, the reason behind this is your pop-up blocker may not install or configure properly.

Google Chrome features only two settings for pop-up blockers: “Allow all” and “Do not allow” Some other third-party tools are available to use but it depends on users whether to use them or not. Chrome works on the “all or nothing” approach which means you either block all the pop-ups or allow all. You can’t choose which pop-up you want to open or block.

Exception In Pages:

pop-up blocker in Chrome

If you add an exception to a particular page in Chrome then any sudden pop-up launch from that page will get through the pop-up blocker. For instance, if you are allowing a registration pop-ups to register on some website then you are also allowing other pop-ups, such as an advertisement, or malware pop-ups, to appear.

Harmful Malware Or Adware:

pop-up blocker in Chrome

Adware can penetrate pop-up blockers and launch multiple pop-up windows. It needs the user’s permission to install, but sometimes the users are not aware of what they’re approving. Adware works like a legitimate program on your computer that’s why most Anti-virus programs fail to detect the Adware.

In the end, getting too many pop-ups is a sign that your system has a harmful virus. Also, you can use some free tools to stop them, pop-ups can go away if you detect harmful Adware or Malware using anti-virus software and remove them properly.