Pokemon Go GPS Drift Issue: Frustration for the Players

Pokemon Go GPS drift

The Pokemon Go game developed by Niantic has got huge popularity among the game lovers and is certainly one of the top games that is very much played by youngsters. This Augmented Reality game with its amazing and innovative game concept has remained successful in attracting the attention of the game enthusiasts towards it.  But, recently the players are facing the GPS drifting problem which means that the game is unable to recognize where the player is actually there. This problem is reported for several months and the players are voicing their frustration against it.

Pokemon Go GPS drift

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The location of the player not getting tracked is a big issue. For example, the player aims to take on a Gym but the GPS drifts away from the current location. The Pokemon Go GPS drift issue combined with the soft bans prevent the player to re-battle the Gym for at least 10 minutes and this causes irritation and frustration to the people.

Several players have described the problems that they encountered playing the game and the Pokemon Go GPS drift was the crucial one faced by many players. The players have posted their recently encountered problems with screenshots.

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Pokemon Go GPS drift

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One screenshot showed that the player was hundreds of meters away from the location than the actual current location. In one extreme case, it was mentioned that the player was standing in the middle of the River Thames, London despite the current location of the player was in California, United States of America.

It should be noted that some players do cheating and purposefully achieve GPS drifting for their own advantage. For example, back in November, a player said that as they have the difficulty in leaving the house due to their full-time home job, drifting can help them in bypassing the walking requirements for egg hatching and make the game easier for them.

This is a very wrong way and the game has often flagged these players as “spoofers” when they are noticed doing some bad. Those players that are unintentionally drifted by the game also fear that they might not get flagged too. The game developer Niantic has addressed this issue and will soon solve it in the next update. We hope that the Pokemon Go GPS bug gets solved as soon as possible to enjoy playing the game once again!