Nowadays, we click many pictures and share them on various social media platforms. However, each image doesn’t come as we wish; thus, we use multiple photo editing tools and apps for this purpose.

When you see multiple editing apps, you will find something missing in each app, and thus you need more than one app or tool to edit your photos. Using different image editing applications can drain your energy and time. Therefore, you should find an app with all the features that can make your picture perfect!

The Batched app is one such application that alone can do the task of multiple applications. The app provides various features that can help make your picture for sharing on different social media channels.

The app is excellent when it comes to AI Masking. With this app, users may quickly alter certain areas of the images and save editing time. It also allows users to turn their normal photos into works of art through batch processing quickly and easily.

Today, finding a good photo-editing application becomes tough when so many image-editing applications exist. Thus, you need to focus on the features of the image-editing apps and tools. Further in this blog, we will discuss the features of a good image-editing app.

What Is Image AI Masking?

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Image masking is all about using AI masks or selective adjustments to pinpoint the location of an adjustment. Depending on your photo editing software, this may appear slightly different, but the end result is the same. You can choose any type of adjustment using black, white, or grey to choose the transparency of the adjustment.

What Are the Masks Used for in Image Editing?

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Following are the masks used in image editing:

  • Photo-compositing multiple images
  • Hiding a layer entirely or partially
  • Making only certain modifications
  • Cutting out shapes (removing backgrounds)
  • Working without doing harm
  • Transparencies are added

Features of a Good Photo Editor App

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Let’s look at the features of a good photo-editing application:

Masking Feature

One of the most important features of a good photo editing application is the masking feature. Through the masking feature, people can enhance particular image parts with AI-generated masks. It will also save users time in editing the pictures.

Allows Editing Multiple Photos Together

Sometimes you need to edit more than 1 picture, and doing it one by one takes a lot of time. So, you need to choose a photo-editing app that allows you to edit multiple photos together. You can try the Batched app for this purpose.

Batch-Cropping Tool

If you edit a bunch of photos, they may be of different sizes as well. With a Batch-cropping tool, you can easily crop, flip, and rotate all photos at once.

Curve Tool

The Curve tool helps you make proper color and luminance adjustments to the images. You can also adjust the tones and make other changes to enhance your picture.


Duotone is a vibrant and eye-catching look that draws inspiration from a common printmaking method. A good photo-editing tool allows one to enhance the image by using 2 colors – one for the dark parts and one for the light ones.

Color Standout

You can concentrate on a certain color by using the color standout tool, which highlights one color throughout the entire image while turning the rest black and white. A good editing tool is one that allows you to apply this flexible feature to the images to highlight the objects you need.

Color Transfer Tool

By using a color transfer tool, it is simple to modify a target image’s appearance to match the color scheme of a source image or your own picture as well. It is an important feature that a photo-editing app should must-have.

Split Tone

The split tone is a process that will allow for processing an image that colors the highlight & shadows separately.

Clone Stamp

Clone stamp helps to eliminate unwanted objects, remove background, remove unwanted photobombs, etc. It may also help you to remove unnecessary shadows, acne, mole, pimples, skin marks, etc.

Color Adjustment

Color adjustment helps to change the appearance of the image. An image’s brightness, contrast, color, saturation, and lightness can all be adjusted. Using this tool, you can easily change the color mode of an image.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that today, before uploading pictures on social media platforms, we edit our pictures. This work can become easy when you have a good photo editing app such as the Batched app which you can download from the AppStore.

There are many image-editing apps and tools, and thus selecting a good tool or app can frustrate you. We have mentioned some of the features of a good photo editing application. So, do consider these features while choosing a photo-editor application.

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