Have they ever informed you that, in addition to being a location full of chances and offers, the internet is also a place where huge rip-offs lurk around every corner? Indeed, some news in Italy indicataes that it is precisely lawlessness and criminality that are at home in our country’s many online forums. In an age when we speznd so much time online and are constantly discovering new platforms, we understand how vulnerable our money, our transactions, and the personal information we leave behind are to cybercriminals. We also should know that how much online security is important.

According to the findings of Trend Micro Research’s newest study on cyber threats, our country is the fifth most impacted in the world (and the first in Europe) by malware, viruses, and hackers. Their goal? Our money and our personal data.

Online Security

Any entrepreneur or manager of commercial activity will by now have entered into the perspective that one of the fundamental tools and from which one can no longer ignore to keep up with the times and guarantee the same quality and speed of services to its customers and consumers is having an excellent computer system and a network of Internet connections that allows optimizing both the times and the internal and external procedures of the companies.

However, the spread of the Internet and IT devices within one’s company poses a considerable security problem if you consider that today most of the services and fundamental data are stored and managed online, with the constant threat that someone could steal. their own data or worse to destroy or modify them with extreme ease if you know in depth the operation of the devices used.

This is why it is important to ask yourself the problem and arrive at a solution that is able to contain as much as possible the problem of IT security within your company by taking advantage of numerous services provided by specialized companies, such as the initial analysis of the structure. IT, classical and professional data protection systems.

10 Tips for Surfing the Web Safely

Online Security

Precisely for this reason, Lily has created a list of 10 tips for navigating safely, between Dad and online courses. A guide to avoiding nasty surprises and enjoying only the best of distance learning.

Create a dedicated user – When a student approaches Dad on the family computer, a special user should be created. In this way, it will be possible to insert some filters to protect yourself from the dangers of the web. For example, preventing you from installing applications that are unsafe.

Constantly update the software – This simple operation allows you to correct any bugs or flaws in the security systems.

Update your network router software – If you do this often, this small action will help you identify and fix security holes.

Changing the password – Changing the admin password of the router or other connected devices is a great way to protect yourself and have an understanding of the activities that have been carried out on the Net.

Be wary of particular e-mails and phone calls – When the interlocutors via email or telephone declare that they have specific personal information, they may have obtained it through the info disseminated on social networks or by tracking activities.

Use a password manager – This tool allows you to randomly generate passwords. The one made available by Google Chrome, for example, is excellent, but it is important to protect access to Google with a two-factor authentication system or with a Biometric System (fingerprint or Face Id).

Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) – You can request the sending of a security SMS message every time you log in to some accounts or by using specific apps available on your smartphone.

Activate the “find my device” function – This function is available on mobile devices and computers and allows you to reset, even remotely, the data contained in a lost or stolen device.

Use Public Wi-Fi Networks Carefully – Few people know this, but the highest risk of hacking is when using public Wi-Fi networks. For this reason, it may be useful to activate a VPN service that allows you to maintain constant encryption of information. By the way, choosing a VPN for Windows is important.

Carefully evaluate the software installed on your computer – Some programs are designed and popularized to steal information. Others, on the other hand, can carry the Ramsonware, software for the computer “seizure” of data with a subsequent ransom request.

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