One Software to Manage Sellers, Orders and Payments for E-Commerce Products

Let’s start by particularly understanding that what is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a coming of age business model that has significantly made a huge impact on our world and has successfully made our global village somewhat smaller.

Typically, it is a business model where the transactions between the buyer and the seller take place online on the internet. And stores which are on these portals are called e-commerce stores. There are many examples of such stores like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Undoubtedly, the e-commerce business model has changed the world for the good. It won’t be wrong to even go to the extent and saying that it has somewhat started a revolution in the field of purchasing and shopping where the user can easily buy what he or she may want with just a few flicks of their fingers, isn’t it so?

And there is no compromise on the quality of the products at all. All the major e-commerce portals promise you that and even go to the extent of returning the product under their easy return policies if it doesn’t suit well for the user’s standards.

But sometimes, the owners behind these e-commerce products can face quite a few problems in terms of managing sellers, orders and even payment methods. Other than this, they always need to stay updated with their shipping, dispatch and so much more making it to be quite a difficult and hectic process.

However, in this magento multivendor extension by Purpletree can be of great help to such

online stores.

So, what is Purpletree?

Basically, it is a software development company which is significantly involved in developing software, particularly for e-commerce merchants. And some of their softwares such as magento multivendor marketplace extension has been of immense help to the e-commerce stores.

Furthermore, Purpletree’s magento 2 multivendor is a scalable solution for the e-commerce stores for the purpose of adding vendor functions into Magento 2 stores. It comes with the functionalities such as vendor dashboard, vendor panel and even a setup regarding commissions making it one of the best extensions out there in the market for just about any store sourcing products from multiple vendors.

And it also supports the feature of “order split” which means that multiple orders can be created each belonging to a separate user.

We also provide Magento 2 marketplace.

And the software helps you in various aspects of e-commerce business such as:

Easily Manage Sellers with Purpletree

Using the Purpletree software you can specifically view the sellers registered with your website. And admin can approve and even disapprove any particular seller from the list.

Managing Orders

Using this feature, the admin of the ecommerce store can view all the orders which are received by the sellers. For making it an easy process for the person operating it, the store name field is mentioned for each order.

Managing Payments

Using this, the admin can specifically view all the payments which have been made to the sellers and can even edit the payment information for any kind of transaction.

With this, we can say that if you are someone who is having an e-commerce store or are planning to open a new business venture then products from Purpletree such as magento multivendor will definitely prove to be quite business centric for you providing you with optimized and work-oriented results.