Know the No Game No Life Season 2

no game no life season 2

No Game No Life is a famous anime series based on a light novel and manga. Ty Yuu Kamiya creates this series. The story is about humans trying to win the throne from the game gods. Both anime and the light novel follow the adventures of stepbrother and sister known as Sora and Shiro. Together they make up an unbeatable gaming team known as Blank. Let’s see No Game No Life Season 2.

No Game No Life – Synopsis

no game no life season 2


The story focuses on Sora and Shiro, his younger stepsister, two hikikomori who make up the team known as Blank, an unbeatable gamer duo. One day, the god of games challenged them to a game of chess. The gamer sibling won. Tet then sends them to an alternate reality known as Disboard. A realm is where you forbid violence and murder. Game decides everything, including country lives and borders. To keep their reputation as unbeatable players, the sibling duo should conquer sixteen governing species and control the gods of games.

The Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi received a lot of praise. One of its volumes was one of Japan’s best-seller volumes. There was a dispersion of more than 3 million copies in May 2017.

The manga was well received in English. The manga adaptation appeared as the Best Sellers in the New York Times. Many people who have finished the series said they enjoyed the character game, dynamic strategies, and animation but were not fond of fan service that features Shiro.

No Game No Life, an anime adaptation, debuted in 2014. It ended with a cliffhanger. The fans begged for another season. It has been 6 decades since the new season.

When will No Game No Life Season 2 Come Out?

no game no life season 2


Season 1 premiered on April 9, 2014. Season 1 had 12 episodes, which was an immediate hit with both academics and viewers. Many fans thought a spinoff would follow it up because it was so successful. Madhouse released “No Game No Life: Zero” as a prequel film to appease its fans. It premiered on July 15, 2017.

There is no solid information about the No Game No Life season2 release date since the film’s release. All we could guess is that No Game No Life Season2 would come in 2022.

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What is No Game No Life Season 2 Controversy?

no game no life season 2


There may be few reasons why there is still no confirmation about No Game No Life Season 2 release date yet. It may never be. According to the controversy, the series of light novel books and the author was accused of plagiarism in 2014.

Many anime producers stated that the author oversaw the work on his characters and stole their ideas. Storify News-Times states, Kamiya “asked for apologies to the experts and paid them for their work.” This controversy affected the preparations for No Game No Life Season 2. SG Cafe states that an artist creator said episode seven of the anime adaptation contained a plot that copied his original work. The creator of the show also admitted the claim. Many companies believe Madhouse left the series to pursue other projects as a result.


No Game No Life is the best new-gen anime that you will not only enjoy but love the work and story of the game. Although there is not any solid news on the No Game No Life Season 2 release date, all we could wait for is for 2022 and see whether there will be season 2 of this anime. There was a release of much other anime as well in 2022. All we could hope for is that No Game No Life Season 2 is amongst them.

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