No Game No Life: Is Season 2 Coming Soon?

no game no life season 2

All the anime fans know, yet for the other people, No Game No Life is one of the most famous arts and animation kind of anime. It is a light novel, that is profoundly written by Yu Kamiya. The distribution of the same is done by MJ Bunko. There are around 10 volumes that are published currently. All the anime lovers out there love this unique anime. There is the need for a season 2 else we will never be able to discover that rather Shiro and Sora have won the battle against Teto – The God of Games or not. 

Well, one can find out by reading the light novels published out. But anime is more fun as per many. There is no official confirmation about No Game No Life season 2 release date and hence, no surety can be made with the upcoming season. It may get released soon or it may get delayed. No one knows what’s in the mind of the developers. 

Some of the vital things that the release of the second season rely on are the sales and popularity achieved by the previous one. Moreover, the source material also plays an important role in the process of the upcoming second season. 

What is the Source Material for No Game No Life 2nd Season? 

no game no life season 2


Many of the anime series have been adapted from an existing topic such as manga or games. Well, as we already discussed, the source material for No Game No Life is a light novel. It is necessary to note that and verify whether the storyline has been completed or not. If yes, then it is unnecessary to extend and stretch the story. If the story has just started and is in the midway, and the final climax is remaining, then yes, there is a good enough reason to push for another season. 

There are a total of 10 volumes of No Game No Life released in Japan. It has around two mangas which are eventually based on the novels only. The first manga series has the story revolving around the original story only. It has even two books published regarding the same. The other Manga series is nothing but a spin-off series. 

No game No life novels are still going in the market. The latest module was released in the year 2018 in Japan. Well, the author has also written a book in the year 2016, there is no hope currently of any new volume getting released in the year 2020. 

It is interesting to note that the first season of No Game No life anime which was aired in the year 2014 had adapted the first three volumes. On the other hand, the movie No Game No Life had adapted to complete book 6. Hence, it is quite evident that the light novel with volume 4 will be continued after the anime.

Hence, one can feel that around 6 volumes are left to get included in the anime. This can be one of the vital reasons to make a second season for the same. Hence, it is safe to assume that to continue the storyline, one more anime season may get pushed on. 

An Overview of Revenue Generated by This Anime

no game no life season 2


Sales and profit are some of the fundamental aspects of any series or anime. If the profit is not coming up from the previous season, then there should be no way a sequel in production. A second season is generally only made if the first season has gained enough popularity. 

Even though the storyline is remaining in the anime, if the profits didn’t turn up in the first event, then there should be no expectation of a season 2. Any core anime series can cost around 3,000,000 dollars for the production team which is a very whopping amount.

If the movie didn’t make enough profit at the box office, then there will be no vital reason to continue the primary series. Let us look into the sales of No Game No Life. 

If we have to discuss the Blu-Ray Sales, then it is interesting to note that around 6 disks were sold in Japan, and every one of them sold around 9000 copies of the same. Eventually, in the year 2016, it got the BD-Box and it also sold around a thousand copies. 

Every anime series that has a sales record of around ten-thousand copies has a very good chance of the upcoming second season. Most of them get the sequel as the sales of the previous one was quite impressive.

Now, let us talk about the sales of the No Game No Life Novel. Volume 9 that was released in the year 2016 sold around 160,000 copies. Moreover, the latest volume, number 10, that was released two years later, also had a whopping sale of around 170,000 copies. Light Novels are generally not that important an aspect to consider the business, but the figures of No Game No Life are just remarkable. Also, they are one of the best sellers and are also included in the Top 5 sellers per volume. 

There are various kinds of figures available for merchandise like Jibril, Shiro. More than 500 kinds of goods such as Shirts, Mugs are available for the same. This aspect is doing extremely well and hence, it quite improves the chances of a second season. 

Moreover, the Box office collection will leave you awestruck. No Game No Life collected around Six million dollars. Around forty-thousand copies of Blu-Ray were sold in total in Japan. Moreover, the other way No Game No Life made profits are with methods such as Mobile Game, License, Streaming, Soundtrack, etc. 

Hence, we can say that No Game No Life has made a very good amount of money and it will not cause a problem that will deny an upcoming sequel. It has a good amount of fanbase and hence, profit will not play an important role in the denial of a sequel. 

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How Much Fame and Popularity Has It Got?

no game no life season 2


If the anime series has not gathered a huge amount of fanbase then there is no valid reason in making a second season. Also, if it has not attracted a higher amount of viewership, its sales records will not be sky-high. Hence, it plays an important role in deciding whether there will be an upcoming season or not. 

In a rare case, it may be possible that due to an enthusiastic and excited fanbase, even though it is not quite high in numbers, a sequel is prepared and released. But, as we said, it is rare. 

No game no life had a peak in the year 2014. The movie had made more impressions in the google search but only ended up pumping thirty percent of the searches of the year 2014. Currently, it has dropped gradually and is around ten percent of what was achieved in the year 2014. 

Summing everything up, No Game No Life could be available in the next few years or so. It may get an announcement by the year 2022. There was no source material before, in the year 2015, and hence, the movie was made. But if the same aspect is taken into consideration right now, then there is enough source to continue with the anime now. 

It may take a few years for the announcement of season 2, even if they had decided and agreed to make the sequel in the year 2019. Hence, there is no other option than to wait for a few more years. 

It is also evident that for any series not to get a sequel, the primary reasons are profit and popularity. In the case of No Game No Life, we can see that it has made a tremendous amount of money and it has also gained a huge amount of popularity in its fans. Hence, the only point that might hamper the decision-making is about the source. 

This was all about No Game No Life Season 2 speculations. The series was a tremendous one and had gained a huge amount of popularity. It also gained a high number of bucks during its peak time. No game No Life has a story that informs us about a group of people trying to defeat the God of Games on a board of games to claim the throne of God. 

This was all about the game. We hope the article has served what was needed and you have received enough insights about the topic. The anime is surely great and the fanbase is eagerly waiting for the sequel.

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