Getting bored or finding it too slow doing repetitive marketing tasks? Worry no more as we are about to show you a simple yet solution: python automation. With this easy-to-learn programming language, you no longer have to worry about group emailing, extensive data analysis, data sharing, and lead engagement notifications. The result is that you and your employees can now focus on other more important tasks that enhance business results. So let’s have a look at the 5 tedious marketing tasks that python can automate.

But Why Python?

First, Python is a programming language that even people with minimal coding experience can use due to its simplicity. Indeed, if you can start with the basics such as syntax, strings, or writing in python, then everything gets easier from there.

Secondly, a lot of success in marketing is realized when coding skills and professional marketing skills constructively converge. Indeed, it is a small wonder that some of the world’s biggest companies including Google have python at the center of their operations.

Five Tedious Marketing Tasks That Python Can Automate

Now let’s get down to the actual business of the day. Put on your coding gear as we analyze how python can help you automate crucial marketing tasks that wear you down. In a nutshell, this programming tool will spare you and your team workplace burnout so you can be more effective in doing things that matter most.

Data Visualization

Marketing Tasks That Python Can Automate

Python gives clearer meaning to your marketing data by translating it into a more visual graphical representation. This way, even an average person can quickly identify the trends and outliers from the large, visualized data sets.

Bar graphs, column graphs, line graphs, and pie charts can all be generated using python. You can get all the information by simply looking at the graphical representations instead of going through large pages of data. You will no longer need an SQL server or Microsoft Excel which are often cumbersome and slow.

For example, it’s possible to create a great plot with just one line of code when you use Seaborn, one of python’s specialized libraries.

Content Optimization

Marketing Tasks That Python Can Automate

Why spend loads of money marketing if you cannot reach your target audience? Python ensures that your well-written content is able to reach the largest possible audience. But how?

A/B testing is a popular method that measures the difference between two variations of a page element such as a website or email by comparing them. While it’s an effective method that has been used for years, there’s an even better one for advanced marketers.

Python offers a perfect tool for content optimization as it can conduct dynamic optimization. This is unlike A/B testing which is limited in optimization and is also laden with delays.

Customer Segmentation

Marketers must deliver a customized experience to customers in the digital world if they are to stand a chance of attracting their attention. However, personalized experiences can only realize when you perfectly understand your customer habits, behaviors, and preferences. Trying to figure out this data manually can be very tedious and confusing.

Luckily, python can help you segment your customers accordingly as it gives you access to sophisticated grouping techniques. In addition, the concept of machine learning in python ensures that your customers are categorized by features that count, which will significantly improve the overall experience and ultimately increase loyalty and revenue for your business.


If you are like most marketers, chances are that you receive tons of data from multiple sources which require periodic reports. There is no need to stress over producing similar reports now and again when Python can automate it for you. Get python web development services.

How this works is that you will only code once to create your first report. After that, generating subsequent reports should be easier as you will only need to run the code on a new data set, and have your report generated in no time. Python is the sure answer to data analytics!

Customer Feedback Analysis

Marketing Tasks That Python Can Automate

Clients use different platforms to leave feedback on the products they use. It is cumbersome and time-consuming trying to analyze all the reviews left on various websites and social media platforms. The good news is that it’s now easy to do this tedious task by tapping into the power of Python.

Let’s Get Coding!

Python programming is a must-have skill for any marketer who wants to stay on top of their game. Indeed, it’s a little wonder that more organizations and even multinationals are turning to this language for their automation needs.

Say no more to tedious tasks and take the first step to automate them today. If you are not ready to learn a new language, then we highly recommend that you seek the services of Python coders. The hassle is totally worth it in the end!

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