Before deciding which developer is the best, you need to define the project and what you expect from the help of a specialist. Once you understand the goal, the process of selecting and hiring a Magento developer will be easy. In the process of determining a future project, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • provide a full-time job or are certain tasks;
  • you need to fix one bug or work on a series of problems;
  • you need a certain specialist who will work in the staff in order to promptly make additional changes or not.

It is very important to find answers to these questions since one developer may not agree to perform a one-time job and will not be able to devote all his time to the project.

If you need a specialist on an ongoing basis, please clarify that he will be able to devote enough time to complete the assigned tasks. Otherwise, his skills and knowledge will not be important. Also, keep in mind that some masters are interesting in long-term projects, not everyone will interesting in small tasks.

Before hiring Magento on a permanent basis, make sure that it is good at what it does, and offer to take a test assignment. If the result suits you, you can entrust a serious project. You can hire magento developer  and save time.

Agency or Freelancer?

If you want to create a large project and are interested in Magento developers, it is better to hire several at once. To ensure that their activities are consistent, contact an e-commerce agency. You can also apply for the services of several freelancers, but in this case, you need to make an effort to organize the work. The agency will provide a project manager in charge of the implementation process.

When deciding who will work on the project, keep in mind that the agency will be better able to cope with large volumes, but the cost of services will be higher than that of freelancers. If one or two masters are enough to complete, the services of freelancers are quite suitable, but if there are more, then contact the agency.

Magento Developer Service Price – You Pay for the Result

Magento Developer

To get a high-quality result, it is better not to hire the most affordable specialists. You pay only for a quality result. As practice shows, the cheapest specialists may not do the job well, because they lack the necessary experience and knowledge. After completing such an assignment, a more skilled technician may be required to fix the bad code. It can take time, and his services can cost a lot.

But you do not need a specialist of the highest level to get a good result.

Does the Project Need a Senior Developer?

Many factors affect the cost of developer services:

  • skills;
  • an experience;
  • education;
  • place of residence.

The highest cost of services is from specialists from North America, they can ask in the range of $ 100 – $ 175. Then there are Western European at a price of 40 – 125 USD, then Eastern European in a price range of 20 – 50. The lowest rate is in Southeast Asia, you can hire a master up to 20.

Magento Certification

Magento Developer

If you want to use the services of a developer, you need to inquire about the availability of a certificate. Magento strives for qualified specialists, therefore, provides training online. Certified developers work responsibly and stand out from the competition.

There are a large number of certificates that differ in the field of work of specialists. Why does Magento need many certificates? This is because there are many aspects included in Magento.

This includes design, marketing, dropshipping, PHP skills, and usability.

If you are interesting in hiring a developer who convinces that he is a specialist in all areas, he can entrust with any task, it is better to be skeptical about him. Such an employee may be bluffing or have low-quality standards.

In an e-commerce agency, you can get the services of specialists in any direction to create a project. Before accepting the terms of cooperation with a team of specialists, it is better to negotiate with several agencies to understand the most favorable cost.

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