Technology has improved virtually every facet of our lives, from health to travel to communication, and so on. Technology has also greatly improved how we enjoy sports, whether we are enjoying sports as a spectator or as a player. New tech has allowed athletes to achieve results that not long ago may have not even been considered possible. In the sport of latest golf tech, players, in particular, can benefit enormously from some of the latest gadgets and innovations for the game.

It is estimated that there are approximately 25 million golfers in the United States. While this may be a very rough estimate, what is known for sure is that whatever the actual number of golfers is, it is growing at a high rate. More and more people are finding the enjoyment that can be found golfing and are looking for ways to get better because that only increases the enjoyment. Below we will discuss several of the latest golf tech tools and how they can help you improve more quickly than ever before.

Golf Rangefinders

Latest Golf Tech


At the top of the list of most common golf tools used on the golf course (other than clubs and balls, of course) are golf rangefinders. These tools have the ability to accurately calculate the distance to virtually any spot on the course within 1,000 yards. In a couple of seconds, you can know exactly how far away the front of the green is, the back of the green, and any spot in the middle. You can also measure the distance to a bunker, water, a tree, or any other hazard. There are even rangefinders for golf that take into account uphill and downhill distances, as well as barometric pressure, wind speed, and temperature.

Being able to accurately measure the distance to anywhere or anything on the golf course is a huge advantage. And with accuracy within a fraction of a yard, you can quickly and confidently choose the correct club and decide exactly how hard to swing. As a secondary benefit, you can also use your golf range finder to see just how far you hit your last shot, though there are some tools specifically designed for this, which we will discuss next.

Launch Monitor for Golf

Latest Golf Tech

A golf launch monitor serves a couple of very useful purposes. First and foremost, it will track the exact distance of every shot you hit, whether that shot was hit out on the golfing range or into a net in your bedroom. In addition to shot distance, launch monitors can track ball spin, trajectory, height, and even swing speed. This is extremely valuable because it is swing speed, not strength, that allows you to hit the ball further, and being able to accurately measure your swing speed is absolutely necessary if you are wanting to improve the distance in your shots.

Launch monitors can also act as an actual golf simulator. Many can instantly capture the metrics discussed above, and in real-time display on a screen the actual path your ball would have taken and the distance it would have traveled when hitting a ball into a net. You can connect some launch monitors to a tablet or screen and you can play rounds of golf on thousands of actual courses throughout the world. You can even play online against other players in tournaments, or at home with friends and family on a rainy day.

A golf launch monitor can help players take their game to the next level by helping them discover the range of distances they can comfortably hit with each club. This in turn helps golfers know which club to use at any distance out on the course. The functionality that launch monitors provide makes it so when you practice, you don’t realize you are practicing. It makes practicing not just more fun, but also incredibly informational so you can learn and grow tremendously as a player.

Cell Phones

Latest Golf Tech

Cell phones are probably the most underutilized golf tool available to basically everybody that participates in golf without any extra cost. Almost all phones today have very high-quality video recording capabilities and starting and stopping recording can easily and quickly be done with a smartpen or smartwatch. With only negligible additional time, you can get instant visual feedback on every shot you hit. This means you can immediately see what went wrong on an errant shot, or what went perfectly on the bomb you just hit down the center of the fairway.

Seeing your golf swing is something that every golfer that is trying to improve wants to do, and cell phones allow each and every golfer that exact capability. If you want to improve your swing, the first step you should take is to stop texting and browsing during your golf rounds and start recording and analyzing your swing instead. Having these recordings also allows you to get help from more advanced players and coaches anytime or any place.

So many people put so much emphasis on what golf clubs they are using, when the truth is, unless you are an advanced to professional skill level golfer, it really doesn’t matter which clubs you use. So spend a bit less on your bag and clubs and invest a bit in a golf rangefinder and/or a golf launch monitor. These tools will help you immensely whether you are using a $300 set or a $3,000 set of golf clubs. At the very least, start using your cell phone productively out on the golf course and at the golfing range. Record your swing regularly and often, and analyze your swing and seek advice from better players on how you can improve. There is some amazing tech available, so take advantage of it and go get to practicing.

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