Nowadays, Instagram has a lot of content of different types. Often, we like such content, but Instagram does not provide any facility or feature to download the content. It only allows us to save the posts (stories not included). Now, it becomes quite frustrating because whenever you want to see that post, you have to open Instagram and go to saved options. With Imginn, now it is possible to download any media content from Instagram and see it whenever you want.

What is Imginn?

On Imginn, people can see any open profile by staying anonymous. The client will not know that individuals see their profile. However, it prevents you from uploading or liking content posted by other Instagram users.

The website allows you to download videos and photos from Instagram. Thus, there is no need to save the stories, as you can directly download them. The platform also allows people to browse stories who don’t even have an Instagram account. They just have to enter the usernames or relevant hashtags.

Also, one does not need an account to download the files; nonetheless, as long as you have the recipient’s functional email address, it is irrelevant who downloads them. This particular feature shows the user-friendliness of the platform.

How Does Imginn Work?

You can see numerous stories from online platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and, most importantly, Instagram. You can save any photo or video while scrolling the Imginn website and later even download it.

The platform offers the best quality full-screen images. To ensure that you don’t forget your account, you must use the application of Imginn.

How to Make Your Account on Imginn Instagram?

Use the following steps to open your account on the Imginn platform:

1. Create the Account

If you are new to the platform, the first obvious step is creating your account on the Imginn Instagram platform. You will get the Instagram stories straight after you complete the enrolment process.

Creating an account is simple; you need an email address and complete creating a password for your account. Make sure to create a strong password.

2. Log in to Your Account

Click login and enter the username & password you made while creating your account.

When you sign into the Imginn website from a phone or tablet, all the successive logins will flow smoothly without going through another information exchange process.

3. Find Your Video

On Android & iOS mobile devices, Imginn is one of the most popular apps for downloading your individual Instagram stories from Instagram. One must have Instagram on your phone as it needs to collect video files.

4. Preview and Download the Video

Now, you need to test your video to see whether it is as per your expectations or not. Grammar and spelling problems in your sentence are not crucial. Immediately following the approval of your post, you can make adjustments.

5. Send video through email

Click on the icon that pictures like a camera on the mobile. Select from the available sharing choices. Verify that your video has been sent through email. The URL of your Twitter profile should be copied and pasted into Twitter. Select the timeframe in seconds.

How to Use Imginn on iPhone?


To use Imginn, you must visit their website and log in to the account. Now, look at any picture you choose, then press the highlight button on that picture. Just after that, you will get a link that you can utilize to download an archive of all the photographs.

One can also go through their video highlights page, highlight what you want and then click download. Please choose whether you like it saved as a zip file or downloaded directly to the device. You can also search through their video highlight page.

How to Use Imginn on Android?


You won’t encounter issues utilizing Imginn on your Android device because it is a cloud-hosted web downloader. To view the photographs directly from the server, you need to connect to your account by your Google or Facebook ID.

Now, start entering the names of the accounts in the search box whose pictures you want to download. You can see the search box at the top of the main screen, and those photos will appear as results located below the search bar.

Features of Instagram


Following are some of the crucial features:

1. Simple UI

Imginn has a simple connecting point that makes it easy to use. It helps you to choose an option on the first page itself.

2. Useful Home Page

The home page of any website is crucial in deciding its worthiness. If the home page itself is not good, the users doubt the website.

The home page of Instagram is designed to make things easier for users. One can find all the component options on the home page.

3. Stories Download

You can download any story you like from whatsoever Instagram account.

4. Images & Videos Download

It is the most important feature of the Imginn for which it is so popular. You can download photos and videos from any Instagram account by staying anonymous. Just select the image or video and then click download.

5. Save the Avatar from Instagram

One of the best tools for keeping the Instagram profile icon intact is probably Imginn. Enter the profile’s username to access the option to download and save the avatar.

How to Download Instagram Videos with the Help of Imginn?


With the use of Imginn Instagram, you can download the best quality Instagram video to your phone. It is a perfect tool for people who want to access the Instagram content of their accounts without getting known. People will never know who accessed their account.

Follow the below steps to download Instagram videos using Imginn:

  1. Visit the search bar, enter the client’s or user’s profile name, and click on the inquiry button.
  2. When the input text matches the Imginn Instagram search terms, it will show a similar profile in the rundown format.
  3. When you locate the profile you were looking for, simply snap to open it.
  4. Imginn Instagram has a matrix layout similar to Instagram, loaded with fresh videos and photos. When you tap the image and go to the download page, the download time will depend on the file size.
  5. When the download completes, you will get the content on your device.

Additional Features of Imginn


The use of Imginn is not limited to just downloading Instagram content like stories, photos, or videos. There are a lot of other uses of Imginn as well. The platform allows access to many social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Thus, it can be accessed for a variety of uses.


  • Allows seeing Instagram posts without leaving any trace.
  • You can download any type of content through Imginn.
  • View & download the profiles for your own and other accounts using Imginn.
  • Browsing anonymously.
  • Download various Instagram documents from a different menu.
  • Enables download without any interruption of advertisements.


  • Imginn cannot process the posting & recording of the private records as it cannot screen the confidential records for beginners.
  • After this, the connection point restricts users from seeing the likes or inclusions in the postings.
  • As the website of Imginn lacks security warnings and copyright issues, there is a threat regarding security concerns and hacking.

Important Facts About Imginn

  • People can download all types of videos & photos shared by public profiles by using Imginn that too without becoming their connection.
  • The platform is completely free of charge.
  • The support team of Imginn is strong and replies within 1 day.
  • Users have the freedom to ask Imginn to remove their accounts.

Top Imginn Alternatives

In any case, if you are unable to use Imginn or want other same options; then you can use the below-mentioned platforms:

1. Storistalker

what is imginn

It is also an anonymous platform like Imginn. However, the website works slowly and makes people wait for 30 seconds for the results. But when downloads are concerned, they will happen instantly.


  • Watch Instagram stories by staying hidden
  • Allows to see deleted posts & videos
  • Free to use

2. SmiHub


SmiHub allows people to see and download Instagram stories and other media by staying anonymous. The website contains two menus, “Viewer” and “Downloader,” as well as an intelligent search function that takes username and link into account.


  • Available for free
  • Can use it without logging in
  • Allows to save content in HD format

3. Dumpor

what is imginn

Dumpor is the same as Imginn; it allows browsing & downloading all sorts of Instagram content. The interface is simple to use and allows people to find any Instagram profile.


  • Browse in privacy
  • See comments & likes
  • Supported search for hashtags

4. Inflact

what is imginn

Inflact is the finest one for watching Instagram stories. You can save videos and photos. Automatically save IG stories from any public profile for free, across all devices, with no third-party app installation.


  • Watch Instagram stories by staying anonymous
  • Take advantage of the free online Instagram service’s Stories
  • Multiple devices are supported for searching.

5. Qoob

what is imginn

The platform allows you to save TikTok & Instagram media. It goes beyond the other platforms by allowing group downloads. Apart from this, it allows browsing by staying anonymous.


  • Batch download
  • View Instagram stories privately
  • Back up your accounts on Instagram and TikTok.


How to Use Imginn in a Risk-Free Way?

You can use a VPN whenever you visit any website that displays any sort of risk to your data. Install a good VPN to be on the safer side while exploring such websites. A good VPN will offer good safety and also provide other important features.

Can I use Imginn to see Instagram Highlights?

You certainly can. Visit the page for the Instagram Highlights Viewer.

Can Imginn display a private Instagram story?

No, you may only watch stories if the account holder has given you permission.

Is It Safe to Use Imginn?

The safety of Imginn has always been controversial as it works with third-party websites, and thus the safety cannot be guaranteed. Imginn is a third-party tool that uses public API for all its features. Even though it uses the official API of Instagram, one cannot ensure security.

Can Imginn Hack Your Data?

As we said earlier, safety cannot be guaranteed as it is a third-party tool, and so the users need to be careful from their side.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that Imginn is an extremely useful tool for downloading Instagram media. In Instagram, there is no such feature, but Imginn allows you to do so. You can see and download photos & videos for free using this tool. You can stay anonymous, and thus people won’t be able to know who views their stories, profile, or posts.

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