How to View Someone Else‘s Browsing History?

How to view someone browsing history

Haven’t you come across the word “Browsing history” on your PC, laptop, or Mobile? If not – we will give you a detailed explanation for your question “How to view someone else’s browsing history”. Browsing history is known as the list of websites where the user went and search on the internet. It is been recorded by the software or Google routinely without fail.

You will have the structure like page visiting time, title, and link. When it comes to an employee; he can’t think about his privacy. But a common person thinks about his privacy in terms to search on the internet. In that case, he will delete the browsing history options. There are many tools to check the browsing history without knowing them.

Part 1: Why Do You Want to View Someone’s Browsing History?

How to View Someone Else‘s Browsing History


There would be many reasons to download apps to track phone. In point of your child’s safety – they might spend their whole time on the internet and chatting with friends. As a parent, you have to guide and support them in a good way. Today’s generation is very sensitive to their thoughts. What you have to do is without knowing them you have to check their browsing history. Browsing history is nothing but a list of websites that they viewed continuously. From that, you can come to the conclusion of whether your child is safe or not!

Another example is to check your employee activity at your office. He would be working for you but his sincerity is not trustable. In this case, you have to watch his browse history so that you can get some evidence to prove it.

Also, there you can keep a check on your spouse’s behavior over their surfing the internet through the browsing history.

For further explanation – read this article fully to get an answer to the question “How to view someone else’s browsing history”!

Part2: View Someone Else’s Browsing History with Mspy:

How to View Someone Else‘s Browsing History


Spyzie – The most trustworthy no1 tracking system in the modern world. With this mSpy you can not only track the browsing history; you can also track the target phone’s messages, password, social media, call logs, screenshots,s, etc. This is legally designed and in professional cases, it has given its best to monitor the employee who works in your office. It is compatible with all devices such as Android, iOS, Mac, Lenovo, Google Nexus, Sony, LG, HTC, Samsung, etc. It works under parental control to guide your children or employee.

From the user’s point – it has given positive results and the tapping method to take the screenshot instantly proves the evidence. In the point of browsing history, you can track and view the browsing history from the target device. Some features to list out are:

  • You can visit the websites where your target user viewed recently.
  • You can check each line of the URL.
  • You can also find out how many times the user visited the websites.
  • You will display with the stamp of date and time of browsing history.
  • The list of URLs will be uploaded to the control panel of mSpy.
  • You can view it with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

1. How to View Someone Else’s Browsing History on Android?

How to view someone browsing history


A foremost said mSpy is compatible with the Android device and the features are extraordinary in this sequence. Let us see how to view someone else’s browsing history on Android!

Step 1: Account creation: Firstly, download the spyzie and open the software. You have to create an account with an authentic email address. This email registration is a must get the links to download once the process is over. You can get either the premium plan or ultimate plan according to the concern.

Step 2: Registration: Once you create the account – you have to enter your personal information and the target phone’s information. You will get a setup wizard window to enter the name of the target device, the age of the target device, and the Operating system of the target device. After entering all the details click the option “Next”.

Step 3: Go for the settings in your target device and choose “Lock screen and security”. It takes you to “Unknown sources” and then clicks “OK”.

Step 4: Now, you have to take the mSpy icon from the target device. You have to download the mSpy, check the download folder. Tap the “Download”. Once you download it; you will get the wizard download of apk file, and install it.

Step 5: From your device, open the mSpy app and accept the agreement. Tap the “Start” button to track the target device activities. The spyzie icon will be automatically deleted from the target device.

Step 6: After you finish the above process, you will be directed to the spyzie dashboard. You will find the calls, messages, browsing history, social media accounts, keylogger, etc.

Step 7: Click on the browsing history from the listed options and start monitoring the target device. You can take a screenshot of the evidence also.

Note: This method is for Android devices to browse the history of websites.

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2. How to View Someone Else’s Browsing History on iPhone?

How to View Someone Else‘s Browsing History


Step 1: Download and install the mSpy Software on your iPhone first. Then open the software and create the account with the correct email address to log in.

Step 2: Secondly, you will be directed to the setup wizard window indicating to enter the details of the target device such as name, age, and operating system of the target device.

Step 3: Thirdly, the iCloud window will be displayed. Enter the iCloud username and password for verification purposes.

Step 4: After entering the iCloud account – you will be directed to the dashboard instantly. From there you can track the target iPhone activities such as call logs, messages, and browsing history.

So, from there choose to browse the history section to start the view and monitoring process instantly.

Note: The iPhone browsing history activity is completed.


Hereby! We have explained to you the mechanism to find and how to view someone else’s browsing history without knowing them. Give your children a bright future by keeping them on the right track while surfing the internet. Use with mSpy monitoring tool and keep a close check on their browsing history.