There has been a significant change in the world for the past 2 decades, primarily because of technology. Along with it, many have become tech geeks, known to crack open radios and televisions sets to study them from a tender age. Others love software and take an interest in programming from elementary schools. In others, one may naturally be a problem solver, and knowledge seeker, which ends up landing them in the IT world. If either of these descriptions suits you, this is the perfect place to be.

Did you know that IT specialists earn a median salary of $52,160/year, which translates to about $25.08/hour? This is why if you’re one of the tech-savvy folks, who are always called by friends to consult on dysfunctional gadgets, you should think of turning your knowledge into money. You’re perfect for this IT support position if you enjoy figuring how machinery operates, love technology, are naturally curious, and patient. After all, understanding technology is no easy feat, and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it just but might be yours!

IT support specialists today are considered the knights of the modern era. Have you revived somebody’s phone, and they treated you like you’re a life savior? That’s how much technology matters to the world currently. From strengthening firewalls, improving internet speeds, shielding from viruses, coming up with new software to solve common problems in society, or coding to make cool applications like WhatsApp, IT professionals are always saving the day. Even masses that are not as ‘online’ as the digital generations appreciate what IT fellows do through online businesses, and communication channels like emails!

IT Support Jobs

The over-reliance in technology has made society recognize how much IT geeks matter to us. The complexity of the field in itself automatically renders all who understand the field geeks, being quite hard. This is why all kinds of people, young and old, big and small, depend on this expertise to fix computers, laptops, phones, and others when things go haywire. Not just for personal benefit but businesses and large corporations as well.

When it comes to IT jobs available, the list is endless. Major ones include database administrators, network administrators, systems analysts, and desk analysts. As an IT support specialist, one can easily set the pace for better positions in the future.  It builds the foundation for endless worthwhile careers. With a simple search on Google, tens of IT carriers are at your disposal for a bright future.

The very first step is to ensure that you stand a chance in qualifying for this position. You have to be proficient in mathematics and have unmatched attention to detail.  When it comes to education requirements, they are a great way to ensure you land the position you are looking for. First, you have to have a high school diploma or GED; second is an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in a computer-related field. Finally, additional technical certification from an accredited provider will be immensely beneficial. Note that depending on the complexity of the position you are eyeing, more qualifications may be required.

When it comes to preparing your resume, there are certain qualities that you have to emphasize. This is because most of the hiring managers and human resource directors look for certain characteristic features in potential IT department employees. Some of these are self-motivation, attention to detail as previously mentioned, expert troubleshooting skills, being goal-oriented, problem-solving motivation, and the ability to learn and apply new knowledge. An inventory of these important qualities is good enough to guarantee an interview when included in the resume.

Perhaps you’re fresh from school and have no experience to back you up. In this case, include activities that may have helped gain the previous skills and technical skills. These include volunteer works and customer service part-time jobs. You should also include computer skills that you may have, proficiency with different software, any experience you may have with programming languages, troubleshooting techniques, or operating systems, and finally, technical certificates that you may have. If you’re feeling a bit lost, check the job specification and description that specifies the key qualities required.

IT Support Jobs

When it comes to the interview, there are many possibilities. Major questions that can be asked include: When have you made an obstacle an opportunity? Did you learn anything from the challenge? Have you ever solved a technical problem with your technical creativity? What inspired the innovativeness?  Describe a recent project you have worked on? What were your responsibilities in your previous job? How did you resolve issues other than technical issues? How do you stay informed with new ideas and innovations flooding the market day after day?

The list is endless, so be prepared with the right answers on your personal experience to score some good points. Other questions that could arise are those related to your education. They include: Do you have any technical certifications? What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an IT professional? How did you overcome it? Which were the most challenging Software or technical topics for you, and which ones were the most interesting? Which area of IT could you say interests you the most? What programming languages are you familiar with?

Again, the list is endless, so armor yourself with basic knowledge, and be conversant with IT technicalities. With this, you’re now ready to download JobFlare and other job position applications. Boost your confidence and be prepared to prove to your employers that you’ve got the skills to succeed!

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