Reddit, a popular platform where people can have discussions, get news, web content rating, and much more. Members can submit different types of content on the website such as images, posts, links, videos, etc. and then other members can view them and give it an upvote or a downvote. Many users have asked us how to change Reddit username. It is a very common question and many members want to know this so they can set the right username.

Due to so much social media engagement on the platform, there should be some rules and guidelines such that no wrong interactions and acts of spamming and fraud take place. 

Reddit username is your primary key on the platform and you are recognized by the other members with it only. When you post something, you are identified with your username only. 

First of all, users should know that there are two names shown in Reddit. One is the username and the other is the display name. We will discuss what these names are all about and how one can change them. 

What Is Reddit Display Name and User name?

how to change reddit username

The name that is open to the general public is called the Reddit display name. It can be changed anytime you wish to change. This name will be visible to other members when they open your profile. 

On the other side, the user name is the official name of the user in Reddit. When a member posts something on the platform then it will be visible under this name. The hard part is that a username once set can’t be altered and gets permanent. 

How Do I Reset My Username? 

how to change reddit username

Username once set in Reddit can’t be change, it will be set for permanent. Once you create a new account, it will set any random username, users can then go to My Profile and change it to a desire one.  

Once set, users can’t change it and have to use that username for a lifetime or they can create a new account in case they want to leave the current username and use a new one. 

If you are too desperate to change the user name then creating a new, fresh account is the only option that you have to go for. But with this, you will have to post everything from the start and no previous activity will be seen in this account. 

How Do I Change My Display Name? 

how to change reddit username

Changing the Reddit display name is a very easy task and you can do it easily from the settings. 

On the top left side of the app, there will be a profile icon. Tap on it. This will open up the left side menu. Tap on My Profile. Your username will be display. There will be an Edit button beside it. Tap on it.

Here, you will see a field of Display Name (mark optional, as it is not mandatory to have a display name as you are already having a username). There is a limit of a maximum of 30 character count you can enter for the display name. 

This name will be visible to the viewers of your profile page. Enter the desire name here. There is a section of About below the Display name. You can write a few words describing yourself here; this is also optional.  

So, here was an overview on how to change Reddit username. As convey, you won’t be allow to change the username once you set it for the first time. Hope Reddit changes the rule in the future and gets some way out for changing it. Change your display name as of now if you wish to do so!

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