Things to Know Concerning How Long Do Car Batteries Last

how long do car batteries last

Who doesn’t dream of having a car? Everyone in their lifetime wishes to have at least one car that will help them go out on long drives and trips with their family and loved ones. When you own a car, you need to realize that you have to take care of it just like you look after your children. There are many things that you need to keep in mind while looking after your beloved car, one of them being its battery. The battery of your car ensures that your car runs smoothly on the road, with the engine working perfectly along with the other functions associated with it. Let’s see how long do car batteries last.

When we start discussing car batteries, we find that numerous people are confused about their car battery replacement. They do not know how long car batteries last. 

Here we will discuss car batteries so that you do not suffer from any problem and understand when you should go for a car battery replacement.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last?

how long do car batteries last


There is no exact time that you will know for your car battery to last, but it will push till anywhere between three to five years. The lifespan of the battery depends on how you operate your car. Batteries tend to lose a life if you keep your car at a halt for most of the year. So, running your car is the key to better battery life. 

Try not to keep pushing your battery even after it crosses five years. You do not know when your car suddenly breaks down. Thus you should test your car battery once it passes three years along with regular servicing at stipulated intervals. The current technological development allows batteries to function at their full potential until and unless life is over. So, you would be at the receiving end of a few warning signs that will help you give due attention to your battery;

Your Engine Takes More Time To Start

It is one of the most solid signs that will help you understand that you require a car battery replacement. Try to look for such signs when you start your car at the beginning of the day. If your car takes more than usual time to start, there is something wrong with your battery. Some people say that cars take some time to start in the morning, as the battery goes cold at night.

However, that is not a valid reason to look for. You should keep your car turned on for some time to warm the battery. If your car does not start at the first ignition but, then it is a problem. Look for instances whether the same thing happens anytime in the rest of the day. The more you find such instances, the faster you require a car battery replacement.

Check For Your Engine Lights

The engine lights of your car can help you understand significant intricacies concerning your car’s engine health. Make sure you go through the manual of your car. It will help you understand how you should perceive a sign from your engine light.

If you feel that your engine light is reflecting something worth concerning, make sure that you contact a car professional of your choosing. The car expert will help you fix your problem and guide you through your car battery replacement.

Pay Attention To The Dim Lights And Other Electrical Issues

The various electrical pieces of equipment of your car, starting from headlamps to taillight, depend on the performance of your battery. Find out whether your headlight appears dim on the road or the tail lamp of your car performs below the mark.

It is a strong indication that your battery is not doing well. Along with your headlamps and taillights, look into the functioning of your car’s air conditioning, inner lamps, and other electrical features. You would never have your A.C. performing well and your inner lamps seeming bright if the condition of your battery is near dead.

how long do car batteries last


Look For Corrosions

Try to have a look at the condition of your battery visually at regular intervals. Look into how the condition of your battery looks from the outside. You might find the connectors of your battery developing rust. These are signs that the condition of your battery is not that good, and your car might stop at any moment. You can also look for these amazing portable monitors for laptop.

Corrosion on the battery of your car will look like a white ashy substance that is dry. If both the positive and negative ends of your car’s battery appear like this, you might face great difficulty in starting your car. It is a better option to go for a battery change.

AGM Battery

There are various types of AGM batteries and come in all sizes. You will have to know about the best AGM battery Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT, Mighty Max Battery ML35-12, ACDelco ATX14BS, VMAXTANKS VMAX SLR155, and more.

Your Car Battery Finds It Difficult To Stand The Test Of Changing Seasons

You know very well that seasons are never static, and you will be facing heat, cold, and rain every year. Such seasonal changes give an excellent opportunity to adjudicate whether your car needs a battery replacement. Find out whether your car battery gets overheated during the summer and struggles to start during the winters.

If it does, you should understand that your car battery is vulnerable to weather challenges. Sometimes your car battery will shut down during the rainy season when rain engulfs the streets and houses. Try to find out whether your car battery can offer resistance to such situations. Opt for a battery change so that you get a smoother experience while driving. 

Now that you know some of the important things you should follow to understand the draining condition of your battery, you need to do a few things to preserve its life. 

Evaluate The Conditions Of our Driving

There is nothing you can do to the environment in which you reside, but you can do a few things that will help you conserve the life of your car’s battery. When you have a bumpy road to ride on or a road with holes and speed breakers, that can adversely affect the life of your battery.

Make sure that the cable connections of your battery remain tight and stable along with its static position. When your battery is not fit perfectly, the bumpy rides can result in the internal wires tearing. You can utilize the special feature of hold-down hardware that will keep your battery in place and minimize vibrations during a long and tiring journey.

Keep Your Car’s Battery In Full Charge When You Are Not Using it

There are high chances of your battery getting spoiled when you do not use it for extended periods. Even when you are not running your car and are at a particular stop, that can hamper your car’s battery. The only way to prevent such predicaments is to keep your car’s battery at full charge.

Try not to keep the headlamps and the interior lights on when your car is in a halted position. Always cross-check that your lights and other accessories are off when you decide on getting out of the car. Along with the lights, make sure that no chargers, cable plug-ins, or pen drives are attached to your car system. Such accessories tend to drain a lot of batteries. 

how long do car batteries last


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Do Not Keep Your Car Unused For Longer Periods

Every car battery has an end in its lifespan, but a few activities that we undertake result in lifespan shortening by a major extent. One such instance is letting your car sit down in the garage for long periods. When you keep your car unused for a long period, the car’s battery suffers from dying charge. If you keep your battery uncharged and dead for longer spans, that will automatically lead to a reduction in its durability. 

Thus, you need to make sure to connect it with a trickle charger even when you are not using your car for more than a week. The trickle charger will ensure that your car battery sustains some charge and stays on track for years to come. 

Change A Charging System that Malfunctions

There might be many factors that can drain the life out of your battery, but one factor that gets overlooked is a charging system that malfunctions. When you have a charging system that overcharges or undercharges your battery, your battery will become vulnerable to lower battery life. 

Some of the new car models have an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) that needs better control. You need to keep a close watch on the charging rates so that your car battery gets the perfect charge instead of irregular charging. Your automobile service centre might give you a new battery as the car ages. 

By now, you must have an idea about how long the battery lasts and when you require a car battery replacement. Do not take such things lightly, as this will inflict unimaginable damage on your car. After all, you would never want to see your car degrading.

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