Wondering which are the hardest programming languages ever develope? Then, continue reading the post as we will show you the 5 toughest programming languages of all time. These languages give nightmare to even the proficient developers so think how tough they might be.


Hardest Programming Languages

It is one of the toughest programming languages. After the arrival of this language, it took 2 years for writing first Malbolge program, from this you can imagine how difficult might be the language.

In fact, it is said that the author of this language has never written a single program. This public domain esoteric programming language was create by Ben Olmsted in 1998.


Wondering what is this written? It is the Hello world program written in this language!


Hardest Programming Languages

This programming language is release in early 2013. The language was design with the bovine in the mind.

This language consists of different variations of ‘moo’ that is, moO, MoO, mOo, mOO, Moo, and so on. Also, this case-sensitive language is very difficult to write. The words and symbols in between the language are ignore.


Hardest Programming Languages

Urban Muller introduce this esoteric programming language in 1993. It is a very complicate language and so it is name Brainfuck. There are eight commands contain in this language and the program has to be written in these commands only. Also, there is an instruction pointer in the language which begins at the first command and executes sequentially. The below given are the eight commands of this language.

< > + – . , [ ]

This is the way Hello World program is written in this language.



Hardest Programming Languages

This compiler language has no pronounceable acronym. Also, this esoteric programming language is create by Don Woods and James M. Lyon. It also mocks up the aspects of various programming languages at the same time.


Hardest Programming Languages

Edwin Brady and Chris Morris introduce this esoteric programming language. The whitespace characters like space, tab, and linefeeds are having meaning in this language. All the non-whitespace characters are ignore by the interpreter in this language. The language was release on the 1st April 2003(April fools day).

So, here were the top 5 hardest programming languages of the world that may give a frightening experience even to the expert developers.

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