Celebrate your Halloween Week With the Top Horror Video Games

Halloween Video Games

Hey, Halloween is around the corner and what’s your plan for October 31? Halloween dress or accessories are not enough to skip the beat of the heart. Kickstart the Halloween festive mood with Horror Video Games. The sound, the scene, and twists will surely make your skin scrawl out of the fear. Don’t blame us if you find the shadow of the fan or other objects creepy and unnatural to you. We have already warned you that these games are not for the fainted hearts and fearful personalities. 

Where are you going? We meant to scare you, Come back and enjoy the Hallows evening with the best and Halloween Video Games on PS4, computer, Xbox and other platforms. 

Enlisted below are the list of spooky and scary video games:

1. F.E.A.R

Packed with the actions and fear, this is the perfect combination of amazing graphics and creepy sounds for all the horror genre lovers. The scare comes out when after fighting with the tough guys, some scary soul is the next to deal with. Hey watch your back, a scary little girl is just behind you. Alma has left no space to escape for the shooters to escape. The mysterious girl with open hair is enough for the next few sleepless and horrific night experience. There are several series of this horrific game.

System: PC

Developer: Monolith Productions

2. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is back with the bang to great the Halloween fear to tear your soul into two parts. This game is the farewell party of the Resident series. When Ethan received a message from so believed dead wife, he could resist himself to help her. His helping attitude lands him around a cannibal family. With each passing moment, the fear and death were approaching Ethan at double the speed. The Mysterious Puzzle and fierce enemies with the creepy sound in the background is all set to shiver you with the fear. This is one of the best ps4 Horror Games.

System: ps4, Xbox, PC

Developer: Capcom

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3. Silent Hill 2

This hill is not silent as the name suggest but it is one of the places with the loudest fear cry and deadliest one too. After receiving the letter from so believed dead wifey, Mary; James reached Silent Hill. Every step towards Mary was not easy as he has to fight paranormal creatures and his own demons. The fear got evokes with creepy music in the background and deadly monsters. Another name of horror is silent Hill 2. Still wanna play Silent Hill 2?

System: PC, Xbox, PS3

Developer: Konami

4. Layers of Fear

The layers of Fear is enough for taking to the next level of horrific gaming experience. Here you are saving your family and yourself from the evil and psychopath, but you painter here. The twist comes when the state of house change according to the painter’s state of mind. If the painter is angry, then the house will full of trash and rats. The fears get double in player mind when he finds that there is no doors and window to escape. What is your state of mind after playing this game?

System: PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One

Developer: Bloober Team

5. Dead Space 2

The list of Top Horror Video Games cannot be completed without the name of Dead Space 2. Like Dead space, its part 2 is deadly and ghastly. It is as scary as part 1. Set in the background of the airspace station, followed and threatened by a ruthless enemy, what you can do is run. Run from your internal fears and run to save yourself from the monster. The few hours of gaming will evoke the scariest moments in your gaming life.

System: Xbox 360, PC, PS3

Developer: Visceral Games

6. Alan Wake

The next name in the list of the horror video games is Alan Wake. Set in the trap of his own writer’s block, Alan is ready to fight the enemies inside him. Here the weapon he can use is only a hand torch which of course has limited battery not enough for his unlimited enemies. More than horror, it’s a thriller game that will keep you on the seat edge with the amazing twists and lethal settings of Pacific Northwest woods.

System: PC, Xbox 360

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

7. Until Dawn

The list of the eerie video games is not complete without “Until Dawn”. Another game for PS4 users. The game starts with the happy and joyful teenagers going for a mini-vacation at a small mountain. Soon the fun turns into the most horrific event of life when a masked murderer follows them. To save their lives, they have to run like never before. Keep your eyes and wit open to making these kids survived. This is one of the best Scary Games To Play for the teenagers, who are trying to keep up the Halloween themed before the television. 

System: PS4

Developer: Supermassive Games

Was that Scary?

 Halloween Video Games


Hey…did we scare you? What’s your plan after playing Halloween Video Games? Now don’t tell us that you are going to bed. Was the game so scary? Ask your gang to play these creepy video games and let us know your and their experience in the comment section below. Keep updating your brain with the updates in the Tech world with the Technographx