Are you looking for the right fingertip pulse oximeter? Well, the search for the most suitable device might be confusing for future users considering the variety of features to take into account. Although the purpose of most fingertip pulse oximeters is checking oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. High-end models are armed with more advanced features that contribute to their convenience.

Nowadays, there is a myriad of pulse oximeters to choose from, like the Masimo fingertip pulse oximeter. It providing users with accurate reading, excellent comfort, longevity, and useful alarms. 

These are the main features to consider when purchasing such a device.

Data recording

The initial feature to consider when purchasing a pulse oximeter is choosing between a recording and a spot-checking model. The former enables users to measure oxygen saturation levels throughout the entire day while recording the data for patients to check later. The latter only provides users with immediate results, without recording any data. 

Nevertheless, your decision should be base on the purpose of using such a device. In case you suffer from sleep apnea and you have to monitor your blood oxygen levels while sleeping, a recording model would be the right alternative. However, if you need a pulse oximeter for periodic check-ups, a spot-checking model would be more suitable. When being hesitant about choosing the right type of oximeter, a consultation with your doctor would certainly be helpful. 

A nice display

Basic pulse oximeters are armed with LED displays, which show nothing but oxygen saturation levels and heartbeat. Such models are appropriate for users looking for the most basic features, without paying attention to high-tech options or nice-looking designs. 

Fingertip Pulse Oximeters


High-end pulse oximeters, on the other hand, come with OLED displays that include more information for users. These devices not only show the heart rate but the pulse meter and waveform of patients as well.  Additionally, you could track your battery with the help of the battery indicator on the display, thus minimizing the chances of running out of battery when you need it the most. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of OLED technology. 


Comfort is another significant feature to consider when purchasing a fingertip pulse oximeter, as some users wear such a device for multiple hours or during the night. Most of these devices provide the same clip design, which applies a certain amount of pressure on the finger. 

Furthermore, some patients aren’t capable of wearing the device on the same finger for hours, as it results in discomfort. They tend to use it on multiple fingers in order to avoid experiencing pain by switching fingers every few hours. Therefore, make sure you choose a model whose sensor is not a clip, as these devices are believed to apply less pressure. 

A long-lasting battery

The battery type is of great importance when selecting a pulse oximeter, as it directly affects the amount of time you’ll be able to use the device. You’re provide with the alternative of choosing a model with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or one with regular alkaline batteries. 

Additionally, models with rechargeable batteries have proven to be more cost-effective over time, as users aren’t require to purchase new batteries until the old ones deteriorate. This isn’t the case with standard alkaline batteries, which users are oblige to replace frequently. However, due to their larger size, most rechargeable batteries aren’t able to fit into the unit, unlike alkaline batteries, which fit perfectly. Visit the following link,, to check out some helpful tips about maintaining lithium batteries. 

Fingertip Pulse Oximeters


Useful alarms

Alarms are an indispensable feature of pulse oximeters. As their function is to warn users about sudden alterations in their oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. Consequently, whenever the blood oxygen levels drop below the optimal amount or your heart beats faster than usual; the device will let you know about these alterations.

In addition, some models are equip with alarms that sound whenever the battery level of the device is low. Anyhow, bear in mind that not all models have built-in alarms, which is why you need to purchase one that does. 


Make sure you choose an accurate, durable, comfortable, and convenient model!