3 Steps to Send Fax from Office 365 Effortlessly in 1 Minute

Fax from Office 365

If you have to send a fax while using office 365, we have a way out for you from the traditional methods of bulky and boring fax machines and the landline connections. You don’t have to worry about the filling of ink and the quality of the picture. 

Online faxing services can handle the process of faxing without demanding any hard work and technical acumen. Google free fax is the savvy blog site providing insight into the online faxing services.

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CocoFax: Online Faxing Service

Google fax free blog site informs you everything about fax from office 365 without downloading any additional software and connecting any phone line. This blogging site has the most fresh content on the online faxing and the reliable online faxing services.

CocoFax is supported by a number of well-known platforms which include New York Times, Wired, and TechCrunch.

CocoFax has many incredible features for making the faxing process fun and easy to do. You can open its account from any web browser without any new application installation. CocoFax is best for you if you want to keep the secrecy of documents preserved.

Source: cocofax.com

CocoFax allows you to send faxes to both national and international forums. You can use its services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is not a single second in which the CocoFax stops working so there is no need to worry about losing any fax anytime. 

It works perfectly on any device, you can use your mobile phone, laptop and computer as your virtual fax machine. This article will guide you to use the CocoFax services in cooperation with the office 365 services.

How to send fax via CocoFax?

You can send the fax via email or you can use the dashboard of CocoFax for sending and receiving the faxes. CocoFax gives you a trial for one month deration that you can use without any payment. You can get the free fax number too which you can use for a limited period of time.

After the end of the free trial period, you have to pay the trivial amount of money for keeping the fax number and keep on using the fax services of CocoFax. To inform you about the features of CocoFax in detail google fax free provides the blog posts, you can read more at Google fax free official site.

Source: cocofax.com

Stepwise guidelines for sending fax via dashboard:

Sep 1: sign up

Initial step is to visit the official site of CocoFax and sign up for the account so that you can get registered with CocoFax. During the signing up process, you will get the fax number of your choice. You have the options of too-free number, local fax number and the vanity number.

Source: cocofax.com

Vanity numbers are easy to use so they are mostly in short supply. After that you will be asked to enter the email address along with your full name. This will complete the signup process and after that the CocoFax dashboard will open for you.

Source: cocofax.com

Step 2: fax from office 365:

To fax from office 365 you have to complete an additional step. To fax directly from the office 365 you have to open the word or excel and look for the ‘insert’ option in the top menu bar, after clicking on that you will find the ‘office add-ons’ option.

The click on this option will lead you to the search bar where you have to search for the ‘CocoFax’ and after clicking on that you will add the CocoFax add-on at the top in the menu bar. You can just open the document you want to fax, click on the add-on of CocoFax and hit the continue option.

Step 3: send the fax

Since you are signed up for the CocoFax account you can proceed forward without any hurdle. If you don’t have a CocoFax account you need to subscribe for the account at this point. 

After selecting the document, a new drafting window of CocoFax which will appear after clicking on the CocoFax add-on and continuing, you have to enter the information by filling the different fields.

To field:

This is the most important step as you will enter the fax number here and any error in this number will throw all your efforts into the dustbin. This is mandatory to fill with caution.


The text of this field will become the title of the fax so you can either take advantage of this or there is the freedom of leaving it empty. It will not affect your process of sending the fax.

Once you are done, you can review the entire fax you just drafted and after that click on the send option. This fax will be received by the CocoFax and CocoFax will deliver it to the next party instantaneously. 

Source: cocofax.com

If the recipient is using a fax machine, you don’t have to worry, CocoFax has the special feature of converting the digital signals into analogue signals and after that, your fax will be sent without making any difference for the fax machine user.

CocoFax has the ability to send more than one file at the same time, you can just attach and select them all and CocoFax will send them as single fax. This will save you time and energy as well. You can send documents of different formats like pdf, docs etc.

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Receive fax on CocoFax dashboard:

Receiving a fax is free of any brain aching steps. You just have to give your CocoFax free fax number to the person you want to receive the fax from, after that you don’t have to do anything. CocoFax has the cool services of doing everything for you behind the scenes.

If the fax is sent by the fax machine, CocoFax will get the fax from the telephone lines and will transform it into the digital PDF files. You can easily read them in your inbox saved for a long time. CocoFax has a wide capacity of storing the faxes.

Source: blogspot.com


Sending a fax from office 365 has been made hassle-free by CocoFax and this article has shown how you can send the faxes without any additional installation or getting someone else’s help. CocoFax has a unique set of features which makes the faxing process fun and user-friendly.

You can now send and receive the faxes without any waiting even if you are away from the office or even if you are travelling by air. It is just a matter of a few on-point clicks. CocoFax is our number one recommendation for sending the secret faxes to both national and international forums. 

After using CocoFax you will prefer it over all the ways of faxing that are the kind of services CocoFax offer.