Tips for Using Imagery and Videos to Give an E-commerce Portal That Extra Sheen

E-commerce Portal

Dubai is one of the largest marketplaces and a business hub in the region of the Middle East. Being the largest city in the UAE and the business center, people from all over the region flock to Dubai to start a business as there are unlimited opportunities here. Having said that, a company or person needs to be on his toes really to make things work in the long term. One important thing is the online presence you have. Read on as why it is important. 

If you think that you can do away without a website, you don’t know what it takes to start a proper business, and the designing part is what you need to take care of. Designing is not something that you can do on your own. Even if you have little know-how of how to create a page, designing for a professional website needs exceptional skills. And there are lots of factors that are involved here. 

The responsive nature of the website is another factor for which you definitely need help from a good source. So, lookout for a responsive website design Dubai for better results. Now I will try to offer you a bit detail about 2 features, images, and video, that you need to pay attention to for giving your e-commerce website the treatment it deserves. 

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E-commerce Portal


Without any doubt, a shopping portal or an e-commerce website without pictures and images is like a barren field or desert. To make the canvas better, that is your website; you need to put images in it. But exactly what kind and number of images totally depend upon your website, product/service you are marketing, etc. 

Images play an important role in the way we use to process visual information. The human mind looks at an image and can take out several pieces of information from it. Just like we see different things in a painting, an image, presented deftly can evoke the right kind of emotion or reaction from the visitors. For businesses, it is where they can garner attention to make a product tick. 

Take a look at the 3 sub-sections here that can make an image get the result it was designed for.

  1. i) Relevancy: If your image is not relevant, most probably it will not have half the impact you are looking for. No company would want to convey a wrong message with their taglines and images as it can be the last nail in the coffin of their already struggling business. This is where the expertise of a designer comes into play as he must put images that support your product goals and are contextually right too. 
  2. ii) Use of generic photos of people: You need to avoid the use of generic photos; it is as simple as that. When we look at the pictures of people, we feel connected to them as they are promoting the product we are looking for with full enthusiasm. But the use of stock photos can lessen the impact, as we all see them on multiple websites and perceive them as fake.

iii) High-Quality Images: You need to use high-quality images as lesser quality images give any website unprofessional and amateur look. Images that are appropriately sized and for displays across all platforms is what can make your website look great. 


E-commerce Portal


Just a few years ago, the video was not the preferred option for companies to showcase their products as low bandwidth meant fewer people would be able to see what they are offering. Nowadays it’s the norm as we see videos all over every website as even video ads are not uncommon now, especially on Facebook and of course on YouTube. 

A video is a powerful tool, but exactly how we can take care of it is the big question. You must have gone through a variety of videos that are streamed or downloaded in the browser. But exactly which videos can boost a company’s chances to make it through. The assistance from a digital marketing company Dubai can make you get the maximum benefit for any product or service.

Please check the following 3 options in videos which can drastically enhance the impact of even a 30-second video and make things work for a company.

  1. i) Set audio off by default: As videos start without any prior approval from the user, the audio must be off my default so that the user won’t be distracted by it. A visitor may be looking at a product or reading about how it works, and suddenly he will be bombarded with a video that can have a negative effect. Allow them to turn it on if they are willing to watch it. 
  2. ii) Short Videos: Short video that is of less than 1 minute in duration are what that can make a difference. Virtually every visitor on your website will watch a 10-20 second video but will be reluctant if the video is over 1 minute in duration. 

iii) Alternative Way: A video is surely an alternative to the written content as you can educate your target audience through the use of short videos. But for lengthy videos, be sure to include the transcript of it so that a user can read and understand it completely. 

Final Word

E-commerce Portal



There are several reasons for which you must take the aspects of imagery and video very seriously as for e-commerce/shopping portals they are one of the basic requirements. If you want to know more about anything mentioned here or want to offer your valuable feedback, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern.