Now we want to talk about step-by-step instructions on how to create a 2d game character design. The process of creating an illustration is like a journey. To keep it interesting, make sure it is fun. It is extremely important to choose something that is interesting to you, could challenge, motivate the author, make the task tempting for the creator. If the artist does not like the process of creating a game character, it is also unlikely to bring aesthetic pleasure to the viewer.

When you become a professional, gaining the necessary experience, you need to strive not to lose interest in the fine arts, to keep in mind the feeling when you first used a pencil.

Searching for an Idea

RocketBrush Studio is all about creating a playable character from the start.

We start by looking for the main idea. The first sketches can be done on paper or in a program. Initially, the design, abstract idea, and general mood will help the imagination to create the first samples.

In the lesson on creating a game character from scratch, you need to concentrate on the real speed of the process, and then pay attention to the details so that you can work faster and not waste time on doubts. The first sketches may be simple and somewhat minimalistic, but they will give the imagination a boost to work on. This is their main task.

Creating a Composition

Creating a Game Character


Having identified the main idea, you need to develop it. Here we decide on the details and create a design, applying both the shape and the line. At this stage, you need to think over the silhouettes; use light movements, and hints to give free rein to the imagination.

Refinement of the Sketch

Creating a Game Character


Since time is very important, first you need to choose the main character and pay attention to him. After that, we decide on the direction of subsequent actions: here you can make a moderately aggressive, but fragile girl, protected by light armor with a sword behind her back. With the base frame, proportions, and character design ready, let us think about the design within the silhouette.

At this stage, there may not be a clear idea of ​​the final result. Therefore, we pay attention to the references, when working with them we use the collage method to awaken the imagination, add some details to the work. This method will allow you to understand the direction of further actions.

Referrals should be treated as a source of inspiration, so you do not need to copy them in full. It is better to understand what we liked about them in order to highlight the main game functions that can be applied in further work. One should strive to analyze them, not just redraw them.


Drawing a face without reference would lead to a dead-end in this tutorial. Therefore, when choosing the optimal reference, you need to feel it, mood, emotions, understand individuality, and then reflect all this in your work. With an understanding of shapes and anatomy, the task can be completed more easily.

Adding Details

Creating a Game Character


Further work will be a matter of technique. Here we need to add contrast, clarify the details, and pay attention to the silhouette. The quality of the drawing determines the personal skill of the author, his understanding of forms, which is sometimes easier to do in black and white.

Previous work will help convey images created by the imagination. Here you need to recreate the feeling of materials, it can be metal, leather, fur, as well as details of their contrast in the form of steel shine, skin fading, etc.


The peculiarity of work at this stage is to select the blending mode “Soft light”, the transparency should be 40%. There may not be a specific algorithm to turn it into a color image, we use different blending modes, opacity settings until we find the best option.


We strive for continuous improvement of work at every stage of creation, which allows us to fill the process with positive emotions. But it is important not to go too far, as over-polishing can remove a certain “spirit” from the image, which will help the viewer feel a sense of involvement in the creation process.

At the last stage, we start painting, select the “Normal” mode. Now the work is finished, as well as the lesson on creating a character.

If you do not understand how to make a mobile game, or you have any questions, give us a call! We will gladly help each client.