Nowadays people usually post normal photographs on Instagram. And most importantly, they are all edited on their smartphone, without the use of professional equipment. In fact, the Pareto principle works here — 20% of the effort gives 80% of the result. We will tell you how to take cool Instagram photos with minimal effort and knowledge.

Don’t Be So Serious!

cool instagram photos

Make your account a little bit fun. Don’t post only serious pictures, it can be boring for your subscribers. Let them see that you are an alive person with a sense of humor. By the way, face swap online editor RetouchMe can help you make good shots.

Focus on the Light

cool instagram photos

A very simple principle that has preserved more than one thousand bright moments. Try to focus your shot on the brightest spot. For example, if you are taking a photo of a group of friends at the beach, focus not on the people you want to photograph, but on the sky or even the sun. You can change the focus of the photo by clicking on the appropriate place on the smartphone screen.

Don’t worry if the people in the photo are blacked out. The main thing is that you have saved the entire composition, and the brightness and contrast can be “tightened” during processing simply on Instagram or another mobile editor. But if you took a lit photo, most likely, the situation is hopeless.

Wipe the Camera

cool instagram photos

We understand, it sounds funny. However, we usually do not pay attention to the condition of our camera — it is enough that it works. If you want to take perfect photos for Instagram, it’s better to keep your camera lenses clean.

It is enough to wipe with a napkin or clothes — the changes will be felt immediately. At night, with clear glass, the light will not blur. During the day, the colors will become more saturated. In any case, the frame will be clearer.

The Flash Can Be Used Not Only in the Dark

cool instagram photos

Taking pictures against the light is known to be a bad idea, but if you ever have to take such a shot, turn on the camera flashlight. It will highlight silhouettes, so you’ll get a nice, detailed composition.

But in a closed environment with poor lighting, it is better not to use the flash, because then everything that does not reach the illuminated area will simply not be reflected in the photo. It is better to make illumination using a flashlight from another phone, so the frame will be more complete and detailed.

Turn on the Grid

cool instagram photos

“The horizon is littered” — you have definitely heard this phrase or even know what it means. This is when the composition is openly tilted relative to the horizontal axis, and this cannot be justified by artistic intent — only by the photographer’s poor judgment.

If your eye isn’t used to intuitively guessing the horizon line yet, just turn on a special grid in your smartphone’s camera settings — some cameras even allow you to change the frequency of this grid, making it denser and allowing you to focus on more lines in the frame.

Find Custom Apps

cool instagram photos

Post-processing of photos is done by most even professional photographers, and in order to get good photos on Instagram from a smartphone, it is certainly necessary.

No matter how cool it is, some optical settings on a smartphone are simply not available, which in any case limits its capabilities compared to cameras for several thousand dollars. Really cool photos will help make the RetouchMe editor function.

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