5 Fun Ways to Connect with Friends Through Technology

Connect with Friends

The pandemic has kept us away from loved ones, and by now we all miss hugs, bars, and big family meals. It’s been hard to connect with friends, especially those that are far away, and sometimes it can feel disheartening when you reminisce about pre-pandemic activities.

Fortunately, we have the technology to help us connect with friends across the world.

Technology has become an important part of our lives; from watching Netflix to talking over Facebook. We’ve been able to make new friends and develop old friendships thanks to technology. Virtual activities are fun and there’s a range of them you can try! Start making new memories by trying out some of our online activities below. So, grab a gin, and let’s begin. 

Cocktail Making Session

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Learn to make cocktails together over video call! Choose three cocktails to drink and get three people to show the rest of the group how to make them. There are loads of fun virtual happy hour ideas for you to do whilst sipping at your tasty cocktails. So, check the games out and get tipsy with your friends without going to a bar. 

House Party App

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This is a great app that will get you all giggling. It’s a face-to-face video call where you can chat and play virtual games together. It will alert you when your friends are online, and you can easily jump in on friend’s chats to join the fun. There’s a variation of games to play like quick draw and trivia quizzes. There are lots of benefits to playing games with friends, so get online and have fun. 

Online Book Club

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Over lockdown, a lot of us have turned to books for entertainment. When you read an interesting book it’s fun to discuss it in depth with friends. Pick a book each month for all of your friends to read then set up a virtual video call to discuss what you thought of it. You can buy many second-hand books online, so it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

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Netflix Party

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Snuggle up to experience a virtual movie night. You can watch a film at the same time whilst messaging one another about what you think of it. A bar will pop up next to the film where you can discuss the twist of a great movie. Learn how to set Netflix Party up and grab the same snacks to really feel like you’re doing the activity together. 

Virtual Bingo 

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This can be a great addition to a round of games. We’d recommend virtual bingo if you’re hosting a games night. You can get everyone involved online and you can create some fun prizes for people to win, like online vouchers! This one is great if you’re working from home as you can get your colleagues together for a work social, whilst rewarding them with amazing prices.