Cold Call Emails: The Perfect Way to Reach New Customers

Cold Call Email

Whether you own a company, doing your own small business, want to connect with a potential connection. Want to do a business partnership with someone? Whatever the purpose is, you will surely write an email to those people sometime in your life. We will get an overview of what cold call emails are, how they are different from a spam email. At the last have a look at some amazing tips to write the best cold emails today. 

Calling that person doesn’t make sense at the first point. Rather emailing them and getting their reply will make you know if they are interest in it or not. This type of email is call a cold email. 

What is a cold email?

The email that you sent to someone with whom you have no prior relationship is call a cold email. Now, you won’t be emailing someone without any reason. There will be some reason that’s why you are sending a cold email. It is cold as there is no direct connection between you and with the person whom you have sent the email. 

Either you want to network with someone for career prospects, you want to set up a sales demo with someone. You want to contact that person if he/she is interest in doing a business deal with you or any other XYZ purpose.  

Cold emails have the potential to make new connections, grow your business, increase your revenue, and whatnot. Sending cold emails to the potential leads, you can successfully convert them into new customers. Also take your business/company/career to great heights. 

Many people often think that cold email goes to spam. So is it true? let us check out that in the next section. 

Cold Call Email


Is a cold call email a spam email?

No, a cold email is written with the proper tips and following the correct guidelines then it won’t go in spam. A spam email has the following characteristics:

  • A spam email is sent from an email address without much service history. 
  • There is a clickbait in the subject line.
  • No personalization (simply copy-paste content)
  • Contains dubious links
  • Talks about the business or product too much

Cold emails don’t have these characteristics. You will get more ideas on how to write a cold email on the tips that we are going to give you now. 

Some amazing tips for writing the best cold emails 

Here are some good tips that you should have a look at and follow them while writing down your next cold email. Following these tips in drafting your email will improve the chances of converting the recipient into a customer. 

Let’s just check them out now.

  • Make the email personalized

Personalization is the key to convert a cold email. If you are sending a cold email to someone then you have to make sure that you greet them by their first name. 

Writing a name will make it more friendly and the opposite person will take some interest in reading the email. If you don’t address the person by his/her name then he/she will think that it is a generalize email sent to everyone. 

  • Find a connection

If you can find a connection between you and the recipient then the email recipient will take the email more seriously. There are more chances of converting it. 

You can mention in the email about any mutual friend so that the email recipient can easily trust you. It will be willingly ready to connect with you. 

You can mention any common ground between you and the email recipient to make the email more relevant. If the recipient writes good blogs then you can mention good feedback about that. If you and him/her belong to the same industry then pen down something about it. Belong to the same city then share that connection.

This type of connection building will make the email warmer.

  • Don’t talk too much about yourself in the email

Introduction to your business or to yourself is fine but you shouldn’t write too much about yourself. As it will make your email boring and the recipient will be less interest in reading it. 

Rather make it personalize and include the relevant interests of the recipient. After reading the email, they should be clearly knowing what are the benefits of connecting to you respective to their interests, business, and work. 

Link their current work with how you can add more value to it, how can you make them earn more revenue, how you can provide your valuable suggestions so that they can take it to new heights or something similar. 

In this way, the reader will be engage in reading the complete email as his/her interests and work will be at the center of the email. 

This will be more work for you as you need to write every email on your own and you can’t just have the same template that you are sending to everyone. Every email will cater to the needs of the recipient and this will increase the chances of converting them to a great amount.

Cold Call Email


This will avoid spam too! 

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  • Subject lines should be inline with the email body

Yes, this is very important! The subject line should match up with what you have mention in the email body. If your subject line and body will differ then the recipient will consider it spam (even if it is not spam) and you will lose all your potential leads. So, to avoid it getting label as spam, you must write suitable subject lines. 

So, here was an overview of the cold call email. Hope you got a complete overview of it and now will start writing such emails to connect with new potential connections!