The 21st century is the era of technological advancements. Every now and then advancements are made in technology and some new updates arrive to ease the process and make it better. Our day-to-day tasks are made smoother, quicker and easier due to these technological advancements.

According to Technographx, technology is a boon for our lives as it has made our life very much easy but at the same time at the same time, we are becoming its slaves due to the increasing addiction of the smartphones and the internet.

Centre for Humane technology

It seems that our minds are getting hijacked by the technology so the Centre for Humane technology has raised the concern for changing the system. The center is raising the awareness of the problem within the tech companies since 2013. Top industry executives and advised political leaders have also participated for finding a good solution to this problem.

According to the company, our attention is constantly shredded and our focus is shifted away from the common reality and truth due to technology. We are not able to focus on other issues like poverty, polarization, and poverty due to this. We are not wanting technology to be like that, we all want to realign technology for the best interests of humanity.

Centre for Humane technology

The global tech-giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google have obviously produced awesome products for us but they are also caught in the race of making money and so they are requiring to drive our attention towards those aspects too which are actually not needed.

Centre for Humane technology

Too much of social media addiction definitely impacts our mental health. People are finding hard to sleep and their stress, anxiety, and tensions have increased. People are finding it harder to disconnect as the race is to keep oneself on screen 24/7. The mental health of children is also affected a lot as they seek out for Facebook likes and constantly compare themselves with each other seeing the photos put on the social media. Learn more about the link between social media and depression in this article from BetterHelp.

Children feel that they are missing something if they are forced to stay away from the smartphones, internet, and social media. This awareness created by the Centre for Humane Technology will help us to think in the direction of human welfare.

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