Switching Career into Cloud Computing: A How-to Guide

Career in Cloud Computing

The new tech world is ruled by cloud computing and tech experts who make career choices around this area have a lot to gain. From high salary earnings to a considerable high level of job security, the perks seem to be almost endless.

Transitioning into a cloud computing career is a set of different strokes for different folks. For ‘transitioners’ who are brand new to the IT industry, the switching of careers is a phenomenon that could take some time. However, people who are professionals in the IT industry are in a better position to take advantage of the opportunity.

Career in Cloud Computing

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Regardless of whether you are presently in the IT industry or not, your practical experience in the cloud subset of the industry and your cloud skills are the things that you need to get jobs. This article would be teaching you a few things you can do that would help your switch into a cloud computing career smooth.

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Here’s a Guide for You

Learn the Craft

This apparently is the first thing that you need to do. You cannot be an expert in cloud computing if you are not familiar with the basics of the craft. As this is a career that thrives on certification, it is important that you learn not only towards developing yourself as a cloud engineer but also gaining enough knowledge to get certified. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – associate online course that comes with the lab session is a good place to start. Also watching videos, reading related articles and listening to interviews can help broaden your perspective.

Build Projects

This is one of the most practical ways of gaining experience as a beginner in the field. You should build something from scratch using the services offered from one of the cloud providers and share your work with the world. You do not need to be a software developer to be able to build a web application that allows users to upload their files into an object storage service.  Your assets can be shared through platforms like GitHub.

Career in Cloud Computing

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Teach People What You are Learning

When you begin to build your own projects, you will begin to have a broader perspective. Thus, making you have answers to many beginner questions. The best way to take things to the next level is to teach people what you have learned. While developing your own projects from the scratch would broaden your perspective, teaching others would broaden it even further because explaining what you know would require you to look at things from an even broader perspective. It could be as simple as writing a blog post just like this one. You can also share videos online or record a podcast.


There are so many freelancing opportunities on the internet for people with cloud expertise. There are tons of online platforms where you can get cloud-based projects from. While freelancing is quite a competitive sport, it is a great place to start if you are looking for opportunities to be an open-source contributor.

Do some Free Jobs

This is perfect for freelancing doesn’t work for you. Ask people if they need free help. You can do this either virtually or within your community. You would not get paid for free jobs but you would get tons and tons of experience.

Get Certified

This is the best way to validate your skills as a cloud engineer. If you are looking to have a salary earning a job as a cloud computing engineer, this is very important. Get a few certifications like AWS certified solutions architect associate certification added to your resume and you’d be fine.  

Career in Cloud Computing

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Final Thoughts

The best chance to get started is now. The demand in the IT labor market for cloud computing positions is high and this would not last for long. Transitioning into a cloud computing career is a lot of work but starting now would give you an edge.

Good Luck!