How Your Business Can Benefit from Using A Virtual Printer

Benefit of Virtual Printer

Printing and document-sharing are necessary for both homes and businesses. However, it is common to make mistakes or forget a detail or two that may lead to reprinting multiple times, which can be very wasteful. Moreover, using paper for documents that you will only use for a meeting or an otherwise short period is no longer economical. 

Many companies have shifted to a primarily digital environment, and it is common to find paperless offices, especially among start-ups. A solution to that is a Virtual Printer, which addresses the need to shift document and printing management to cloud-based technology. It eliminates all the disadvantages of traditional printing and allows you the flexibility of working with multiple formats. There are multitudes of ways your company can benefit from owning this kind of printer. Here are some: 

Virtual Printing: A Breakdown of How It Works

You may be unfamiliar with how this works, but it is straightforward and easy to use. First, you need to purchase a printer software and install it onto your devices. It creates a printer under the devices section of the control panel – the same place where you can find traditional printers. 

You can print documents in any format such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image, by choosing the Virtual Printer after clicking ‘print.’ You will have multiple formats to choose from, but some popular ones include print to file, print to PDF, and print to an image. 

Benefit of Virtual Printer


Print to file will format your document in a way that only your printer can read. It is useful when your software contains add-ons such as watermark functions, as that is how you will be able to edit your document. When you choose to print to PDF, your paper will transform into a PDF file, which can be read by other third-party software such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Meanwhile, as its name suggests, the print to image option turns your document into a PNG, JPEG, or similar format. 

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Virtual Printing is Environmentally-Friendly

United States offices use over 12 trillion sheets of paper each year. That is an astonishing number of trees that need to be cut down for short-term document usage. With various climate disasters, including the mass-burning of the Amazon, it is pertinent to avoid the unnecessary waste of paper. 

Virtual printers do not print in the traditional sense, as it does not necessitate any physical printer and paper. Thus, it is a great way to format, edit, view, and share documents without the burden of harming the environment. 

Virtual Printing Will Save You Money

Almost every business strives to make a profit, so it is counterintuitive to waste thousands of dollars each year on printing documents. With traditional printing, once you click print, there is nothing you can do to alter the content and format of your paper. However, virtual printing changes that by allowing you to edit print-outs as needed. 

As a business, you may be worried about unethical document manipulation. But some formats allow you to input security measures that limit the people who can access the document. Moreover, you are limited to editing before printing the document. That means that only the owner of the original file can delete anything wrongly published and fix mistakes, all without the use of expensive paper. 

Benefit of Virtual Printer


Virtual Printing Will Save You Time and Space

Printing can take a while, primarily if many people in your office rely on one printer. Virtual printing, on the other hand, is practically instantaneous, so you do not have to worry about waiting for a hundred-page document to print. 

Once you have passed the hurdle of waiting for your papers to print, you then face the dilemma of storage. Offices can have drawers upon drawers of filed documents, which is a waste of space and money. It is unlikely that you access those papers regularly, and any natural calamity can destroy them. By opting for virtual printing, everything can be stored digitally on a cloud, eliminating any risk of damage and allowing you to search and view documents easily.