Is ARK Survival Evolved compatible with cross-platforms?

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival adventure game that started featuring in the talk lately. ark cross platform perhaps finds a place among the most pursued games recently, and its prevalence keeps on ascending at a consistent speed. After the game hit new untouched player check records, the numbers are getting expanded every day. 

Gaming has evolved into an everyday activity of millions of people all over the world. Today’s games are more than pastimes. Games are now social platforms where you can interface with individuals and play with your companions. Video game companies and individual game creators make and publish over two thousand video games every year. Out of the several thousand, only a few games are gripping and good enough. One such game of the adventure genre is ARK: Survival Evolved. 

Is Ark a Cross-Platform Game?

ark cross platform

Perhaps one of the principal concerns of a game is its compatibility with various platforms. That is the support for users with different kinds of devices to play together. Ark is a game that has gained a loyal fanbase in recent years. Currently, the game ARK is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Besides, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows users are lucky enough to play the game. So, Is Ark a cross-platform game? Does Ark extend a conflict-free cross-platform support environment? 

Yes. Ark does provide cross-platform support. But this question does not hold such a simple answer as this. Whether you can play with your friend in a cross-platform environment or not is based on your hardware. So, What devices enjoy the cross-platform support of Ark: Survival Evolved? 

Play with Your Clan!

ark cross platform

Gamers enjoy the multiplayer modes of games for the fun and the challenge of competing against their friends. Multiplayer modes in a game are known to make the game more engaging and addictive. These are also means of connecting with other gamers. Multiplayer modes make your games more lasting and gripping. 

In any game, a multiplayer environment is competitive. You play with your friends or against real humans instead of bots/computers. Such circumstances tend to give you the chance to connect with gamers around the globe and get feedback on your gameplay. Multiplayer games are addictive and enjoyable. The Ark: Survival Evolved is no exception to this fact.  

Ark: Survival Evolved has multiplayer modes where you can play together with your friends and form tribes. When multiplayer gameplay is concerned, one question that comes to our mind is about the cross-platform support features of the game. So, Does Ark: Survival Evolution have support for cross-platform gameplays? Let me give out the answers to you.

Play Ark: Survival Evolved in Cross-Platform!

The cross-platform gameplay of Ark – Survival Evolved is extended only within the same family of hardware. No crossover of devices can assist cross-platform playing of the game.

Cross-Play of Ark in Mobile Devices

ark cross platform

Ark requires at least 3GB of RAM for a glitch-free gameplay. Mobile users can enjoy cross-platform support of Ark. Yes! Android and iOS users can play Ark: Survival Evolution together! 

Is Ark Cross-Platform Enabled in Mobile and Pc?

That’s a big no! Mobile users of Ark: Survival Evolved cannot expect multiplayer gameplay with those who enjoy the game on their PCs. Cross-platform support is only for Android with iOS devices, and PCs with other PC’s gamers.

Is Ark Cross-Platform Compatible with Windows 10/Xbox?

Well, that is an absolute yes! Ark supports the crossplay of the game on these devices. If you play Ark on your Xbox one and have a friend who bought it from the Microsoft Store for his PC, playing together is guaranteed!

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For PC users, Ark: Survival Evolution is available to download from the Microsoft Store.

Ark: Survival Evolved on Switch

ark cross platform

With Nintendo Switch, you can’t even think of cross-platform support for Ark. If you enjoy the thrills of gaming with the Nintendo Switch, the only way you can play Ark with your friends is to persuade them into buying the game on Switch.

To enjoy unprecedented gameplay styles at the mobility of a handheld device, check out the Nintendo Switch now. If you possess a Nintendo Switch device, check out Ark: Survival Evolved for Switch.

Can Ps4 and Pc Users Crossplay Ark?

If you play Ark on a Steam-based server, you can play with PC gamers who play on similar servers or other PS4 gamers who play on Steam servers. Selected hosting providers ensure the cross-platform compatibility of Ark for this set of users.

Here is Ark: Survival Edition for PS4 players. Enthralling gameplay awaits you! 

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Multiplayer Gameplay on Steam

If you have purchased the game from and play on online servers such as Steam or the Epic Games Store, multiplayer options regardless of your hardware can be possible.

How Can Cross-Platform Gameplay Affect Players?

ark cross platform

While gamers typically like to play with their friends on cross-platform compatible devices, there can be some limitations. Some games tend to work well and offer smoother gameplay on specific devices. In some games, the controls and customization are unchallenging when played on a PC or related platform. This feature could be a potential ruin to the gameplay for some players.

Those players whose devices don’t perform up to the mark become the affected ones. For instance, consider a game that offers cross-platform gameplay support on every device. Your friends who play on their PCs are more likely to excel and win than you with a device where the gameplay gets glitchy sometimes.

To ensure such hassles don’t occur, most game designers roll out cross-platform support on devices only on devices with similar hardware configurations. The creators of Ark: Survival Evolved are no exceptions to this. They offer cross-platform support only on similar devices such as Android/iOs or Windows/Xbox devices.

Ark: Survival Evolved – Gameplay

ark cross platform

Ark: Survival Evolved provides multiplayer support and allows players to make friends online and form tribes. The game universe runs on a worldly climatic basis and has day and night conditions as well. ARK offers gameplay in a third-individual or a first-individual viewpoint.

To endure, players should build up their bases with weapons; extra exercises, for example, subduing and looking after your dinosaurs, require more supplies and materials. Over 150 plus creatures inhabit the game world of Ark, and Ark is the name of the game universe. Prehistoric creatures, legendary and mythical creatures like dinosaurs, phoenixes, wyverns are all set to excite you throughout the gameplay.

The gameplay of Ark is a challenging one that stimulates the players to cling to life in the mysterious game universe. The game goes on as you tame the animals and guard against other predators.

The Gameplay Metrics

Ark: Survival evolved provides the player with different metrics such as health metrics, stamina levels. The game has meters to display the oxygen and thirst levels of the character in the game. The weight the player can carry is also a metric of the game. If you damage your health metric, you can revive the metrics by feasting on food or using items to reproduce your health quicker. If not, the health metrics would increase in small doses as you play.

Tame the Lumbering Beasts

Ark could give you a virtual experience of your childhood fantasies – riding on top of a mighty Jurassic World creature! Firing machine guns while riding the back of the beast is a ridiculous thrill to experience. The diversity of the in-game animals in Ark is simply astounding! You can tame these mighty, lumbering beasts in your gameplay. You cannot tame all animals at ease. Some may require you to adopt various strategies to tame the animal, such as making it unconscious before a taming approach. Ark will delight you. Sometimes it will drop your despair, but ultimately Ark will entitle you to a real sense of thrill and satisfaction. The Ark: Survival Evolution is gripping enough to hold your attention for so long. 


If you are an avid gamer, Ark: Survival Evolved would be no less than fascinating for you! With rising player counts and exciting events, Ark is a game that every gamer should check out. If you want to enjoy the game with your friends, grab Ark cross-platform compatible devices and start feeling the thrill!

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