An Overview of the Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign

Google remarketing tag

 The Google Remarketing is a type of online advertising that allows the site owners to show targeted ads to the users who have visited their site before. The visitors will see the advertisements when they are watching any videos on YouTube or are surfing the web or are reading any news on the news sites. This will keep displaying the advertisements for your products and services to the users and they will keep coming back to your business more and more.This will help you to increase the conversion rates and ROI of your business dramatically. The past visitors who are familiar with your brand will definitely come back to your site when they see the advertisement on other sites.

How does it work?

 Google remarketing tag

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If you are advertising on Google already, then you have to just add a piece of code called the Google remarketing tag or pixel to your website so that the visitors are added to the remarketing audiences via the cookies of the browsers. The code can be customized for different pages to relate to more defined categories.

For example, if you are operating an e-commerce store that is selling kitchen supplies then you can create a “toaster” remarketing for the people who visit the pages where you sell toasters. This way, you will be easily able to display highly targeted ads of the toaster to the people who are interested in buying them.

 Google remarketing tag

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You already know that they are searching for a good toaster in the market and so you can attract them with such ads and also you can provide them discounts and free shipping as well so that they can come readily to your site.

The best part of Google is that its Display Network reaches almost 92% of internet users. Through Google remarketing, you can show the ads to your past site visitors when they are browsing the different Google Partner sites.

It is recommended by Google that when you are creating your first remarketing campaign, you should target all the people who have viewed your home page. Your costs will increase as you are targeting everyone. To increase the relevancy of your ads, you should target narrowly, it will reduce the cost per click as well.  

Thus, this was an overview of the Google retargeting campaign. Now, as you have understood its importance and its advantages, you can create your own campaign too and connect to your past site visitors very well!


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